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Best Practices in Manufacturing Processes

Experiences from Latin America

  • Jorge Luis García Alcaraz
  • Leonardo Rivera Cadavid
  • Rosa Guadalupe González-Ramírez
  • George Leal Jamil
  • Mario Gustavo Chong Chong

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxvi
  2. Techniques, Tools and Methodologies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Hugo Ferreira Braga Tadeu, André Luis de Castro Moura Duarte, Cezar Taurion, George Leal Jamil
      Pages 3-27
    3. Mónica López-Campos, Rosa Guadalupe González-Ramírez, Lorena Bearzotti, Salvatore Cannella
      Pages 29-52
    4. María-del-Rosario Sánchez-Vega, Santiago-Omar Caballero-Morales, Diana Sánchez-Partida, José-Luís Martínez-Flores
      Pages 75-95
    5. Diana Sánchez-Partida, Dulce Arroyo-García, José-Luis Martínez-Flores, Emmanuel Juárez-García
      Pages 117-136
    6. Alicia Pérez-Pérez, José Claudio Villamonte-Cornejo, César López-Rosas, Roberto Pérez-Franco, Mario Gustavo Chong Chong
      Pages 137-157
  3. Production Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 181-181
    2. María Angeline Bofill-Altamirano, Sonia Valeria Avilés-Sacoto
      Pages 183-210
    3. George Leal Jamil, Antonio Juan Brioñes-Peñalver, Domingo García-Perez de Lema
      Pages 211-237
    4. Julian Andres Zapata-Cortes, Martín Darío Arango-Serna, Víctor Jaime Saldarriaga-Romero
      Pages 239-259
    5. Leonilda Coba, Cesar Shimabuku, Jesús González-Feliu
      Pages 261-281
    6. Jorge Carlos León-Anaya, Juan Carlos Cisneros-Ortega, Eloy Dimas-Celestino, José Antonio Juanico-Lorán
      Pages 283-296
    7. Francisco J. Estrada-Orantes, Abimael H. García-Pérez, Noé G. Alba-Baena
      Pages 297-322
  4. Manufacturing and Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 323-323
    2. Julián Israel Aguilar-Duque, Juan Luis Hernández-Arellano, Liliana Avelar-Sosa, Guillermo Amaya-Parra, Ulises Jesús Tamayo-Pérez
      Pages 347-366

About this book


This book reports the best practices that companies established in Latin America are implementing in their manufacturing processes in order to generate high quality products and stay in the market. It lists the technologies, production and administrative philosophies that are being implemented, presenting a collection of successful cases of studies from Latin America. The book describes how the tools and techniques are being integrated, modified and combined to create new technical resources for assisting the decision making process for better economic performance in manufacturing companies. The efforts deployed for assisting the transformation of raw materials into products and services are described. The authors explain the main key success factors or drivers for success of each tool, technique or hybrid combination approach applied to solve manufacturing problems. 


Manufacturing process Manufacturing tendencies Industry 4.0 Globalized production systems Ergonomics in manufacturing process Occupational health Advanced manufacturing technologies maquiladoras industries Manufacturing in Latin America Lean manufacturin

Editors and affiliations

  • Jorge Luis García Alcaraz
    • 1
  • Leonardo Rivera Cadavid
    • 2
  • Rosa Guadalupe González-Ramírez
    • 3
  • George Leal Jamil
    • 4
  • Mario Gustavo Chong Chong
    • 5
  1. 1.Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad JuárezCiudad JuárezMexico
  2. 2.Ciudad Universitaria MeléndezUniversidad del ValleValle del CaucaColombia
  3. 3.Universidad de Los AndesSantiagoChile
  4. 4.Informações em Rede Consultoria e Treinamento LtdaBelo HorizonteBrazil
  5. 5.Universidad del PacíficoLima—Jesús MaríaPeru

About the editors

Jorge Luis García Alcaraz is a full-time researcher of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. His main research areas are multicriteria decision making process and techniques applied to lean manufacturing, production process and supply chain modeling. He is founding member of the Mexican Society of Operation Research and active member in the Mexican Academy of Industrial Engineering. 

Leonardo Rivera Cadavid works at the Universidad del Valle, in Cali, Colombia, in the School of Industrial Engineering. His research interests include applied operations research, manufacturing and logistics systems, new geometries for distribution centers, lean manufacturing and programming tools for mathematical modeling and general programming in Industrial Engineering.

Rosa G. González-Ramírez is a full-time professor and researcher of Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the Universidad de Los Andes in Chile.Her research lines consider intermodal transport of cargo, port logistics and optimization of container terminals operations; port community systems and information technologies for electronic data interchange, supply chain management, and optimization. 

George Leal Jamil is an independent researcher, consultant and a Professor for top-level academic and business-oriented (associations) institutions in Brazil, Portugal and US. He is an experienced consultant in themes such as strategic value positioning, strategic planning, marketing research, customer-oriented funding, customer relationship knowledge, project and process management and information technology strategic management. He works with startups incubators, accelerators and individual projects in Brazil since 2014.

Mario Gustavo Chong Chong is a Professor and an Associate of the School of Business Engineering at Universidad del Pacífico, Peru. He is the Director of the Peruvian Association of Professionals in Logistics (APPROLOG). He is the coordinator of special projects, corporate and international program development director, academic director of the Master’s programs in Business Administration (MBA), Global Business, Agribusiness, and Food and Supply Chain Management at Universidad del Pacífico.


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