Public Order Policing in Hong Kong

The Mongkok Riot

  • Kam C. Wong

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About this book


This book examines the Hong Kong Mongkok Riot (MKR) of 2016 to offer a clear and objective account of the events as they unfolded, to dispel the myths, and to explore what can be learned from it. It draws on multiple sources including: public survey data, eyewitness accounts, LegCo proceedings, official press releases, newspaper reports, and video presentations. The study investigates the causes, issues and impacts of MKR including how the media reported it. It examines the historical context surrounding MKR, before and after, and considers the importance of this independent inquiry including its use and limitations. It aims to bring closure to the event, establish a record for the future, provide insightful data for cross-cultural studies on riots, and offer insights for police scholars, security consultants, political scientists, Asian and Chinese studies scholars, and comparative criminal justice researchers.


radicals China revolution collective violence police leadership radicalisation political science politics of policing asia riot violence

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  1. 1.Xavier University (Emeritus)Cincinnati, OHUSA

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