Corporeal Peacebuilding

Mundane Bodies and Temporal Transitions

  • Tarja Väyrynen

Part of the Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies book series (RCS)

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About this book


“A timely contribution on transitions to peace by one of Finland's leading Peace Studies scholars. Highly sophisticated theoretically and yet determinedly body-bound. Just right for our troubled times.”
—Christine Sylvester, University of Connecticut, USA

“In all the talk of grand strategy, and in the grand diplomacy of war and peace, the individual and the body are figures of excision. Tarja Väyrynen has done us all a service by rendering the body and the individual it encloses as the centrepiece of peace building. It is a salutary book for all of us who either negotiate or theorise grandly.”
—Stephen Chan OBE, SOAS University of London, UK

“Tarja Väyrynen’s ground breaking work draws on political theory to reveal how peace and war touch our bodies in multiple ways and how the body is constitutive of war and peace.”
—Annika Björkdahl, Lund University, Sweden

This book demonstrates how peace is an event that comes into being in mundane and corporeal encounters. The book brings living and experiencing, sentient body to Peace and Conflict Studies and examines war and peace as socio-political institutions that begin and end with bodies. It therefore differs from the wider field of Peace and Conflict Studies where the human body is treated as an abstract and non-living entity. The book demonstrates that conflict and violence as well as peace touch our bodies in multiple ways. Through attending to witnessing, wounded, remembering, silenced and resistant bodies, the empirical cases of the book attest to the scope and diversity of war, peace and the political of post-conflict peacebuilding. The book offers a sustained engagement with feminist social and political theory and will be of interest to academics and practitioners alike.

Tarja Väyrynen is Professor in Peace and Conflict Research at the Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere, Finland.  Her research in the field of peace and conflict focuses on gender and post-conflict peacebuilding. Her research draws from feminist theory and critical political theory.


peacebuilding corporeal event mundane encounters feminist theory non-representational ethnogoraphy post-colonialism phenomenological register relational elements of human being mundane practices of peacebuilding and peace mechanisms of conflict resolution peace maintenance reconciliation human vulnerability local turn new materialism home front warfare parrhesiastes heterogenious histories post-conflict communities

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  1. 1.Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)University of TampereTampereFinland

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