Freud and Philosophy of Mind, Volume 1

Reconstructing the Argument for Unconscious Mental States

  • Jerome C. Wakefield

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This book consists of a focused and systematic analysis of Freud’s implicit argument for unconscious mental states. The author employs the unique approach of applying contemporary philosophical methods, especially Kripke-Putnam essentialism, in analyzing Freud’s argument. The book elaborates how Freud transformed the intentionality theory of his Cartesian teacher Franz Brentano into what is essentially a sophisticated modern view of the mind. Indeed, Freud redirected Brentano's analysis of consciousness as intentionality into a view of consciousness-independent intentionalism about the mental that in effect set the agenda for latter-twentieth-century philosophy of mind. 


Freud Studies Sigmund Freud Philosophy of mind Unconscious mental states History of philosophy Psychoanalysis

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  • Jerome C. Wakefield
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  1. 1.Silver School of Social Work and Department of PsychiatryNew York UniversityNew YorkUSA

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