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Common Problems in the Newborn Nursery

An Evidence and Case-based Guide

  • Gilbert I. Martin
  • Warren Rosenfeld

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Stephany M. Guiles, Jay P. Goldsmith
    Pages 1-12
  3. Smeeta Sardesai
    Pages 13-26
  4. David A. Clark
    Pages 27-38
  5. Mercedes E. Gonzalez
    Pages 39-53
  6. Stephen A. Pearlman, Kaitlin Kenaley
    Pages 55-60
  7. Warren Rosenfeld
    Pages 61-70
  8. Thomas A. Hooven, Richard A. Polin
    Pages 71-80
  9. Asif Noor, Theresa M. Fiorito, Leonard R. Krilov
    Pages 81-87
  10. David H. Adamkin
    Pages 99-108
  11. Arielle L. Olicker, Avroy A. Fanaroff, Jonathan M. Fanaroff
    Pages 109-115
  12. Stephanie Tong-Miller, Henry H. Bernstein
    Pages 117-130
  13. Bruce D. Sindel, Joseph Ahdoot
    Pages 131-148
  14. Gregory C. Martin
    Pages 161-169
  15. Ranjith Kamity
    Pages 171-182
  16. Lu-Ann Papile
    Pages 183-192
  17. Lincoln Ferguson
    Pages 193-202

About this book


This comprehensive book thoroughly addresses common clinical challenges in newborns, providing an evidence-based, step-by-step approach for their diagnosis and management. Common Problems in the Newborn Nursery is designed to be an easy-to-use, practical guide, covering a full range of clinical dilemmas: bacterial and viral infections, jaundice, hypoglycemia, hypotonia, nursery arrhythmia, developmental dysplasia of the hips, newborn feeding, cardiac problems, late preterm infants, dermatology, anemia, birth injuries, ocular issues, as well as hearing assessments in the newborn.

Written by experts in their fields, each chapter begins with a clinical case presentation, followed by a discussion of potential treatment and management decisions and various differential diagnosis. Correct responses will then be explained and supported by evidence-based literature, teaching readers how to discern the normal from the abnormal, the emergent from the non-emergent, and how to make decisions concerning diagnosis encountered on a daily basis.

While this guide is directed towards health care providers such as pediatricians, primary care physicians, and nurse practitioners who treat newborns in the general nursery, this book will also serve as a useful resource for anyone interested in working with this vulnerable patient population, from nursing and medical students, to nurses, and residents in pediatrics or family practice.


newborn congenital newborn infections birth injuries neonatal newborn seizures

Editors and affiliations

  • Gilbert I. Martin
    • 1
  • Warren Rosenfeld
    • 2
  1. 1.Citrus Valley Medical CenterWest CovinaUSA
  2. 2.Stony Brook University SUNYMount Sinai - South Nassau Medical CenterOceansideUSA

About the editors

Gilbert I. Martin, MD

Director Emeritus

Citrus Valley Medical Center

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

West Covina; and Professor of Pediatrics

Loma Linda University Medical Center

Loma Linda

West Covina, California, USA 


Warren Rosenfeld, MD

Chairman of Pediatrics

South Nassau Communities Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics

SUNY/Stony Brook School of Medicine

Oceanside, New York, USA

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“This is a more practical book, aimed at new learners or seasoned practitioners looking for another resource to add to their collection. The pictures and illustrations make this an easy-to-read book, with information readily available at your fingertips. This is a book I would be comfortable picking up, opening to a random chapter, and just start reading. It is an essential addition to the libraries of practitioners caring for newborns.” (Poj Lysouvakon, Doody's Book Reviews, June 21, 2019)

“The newborn nursery is the first opportunity in nine months that we have to screen directly for an enormous number of critically important conditions before they become problematic. … I am always looking for more, but there are a good number of diagrams and tabular information in other chapters as well. … I've already ordered copies for trainees and our nurse practitioner team. I'd suggest you do the same.” (John Zupancic, Perinatal Section News, 2019) ​

“The authors of this text review in a very didactic manner the major problems encountered in newborns. Each chapter has an introductory patient presentation, discussions of possible problems and advise for therapy. Each chapter has conclusions in the form of ‘Clinical Pearls’ and many references. In few chapters there are helpful color illustrations.” (Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews (PER), Vol. 16 (01), March, 2019)