International Joint Conference SOCO’18-CISIS’18-ICEUTE’18

San Sebastián, Spain, June 6-8, 2018 Proceedings

  • Manuel Graña
  • José Manuel López-Guede
  • Oier Etxaniz
  • Álvaro Herrero
  • José Antonio Sáez
  • Héctor Quintián
  • Emilio Corchado
Conference proceedings SOCO’18-CISIS’18-ICEUTE’18 2018

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 771)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Agents and Multi-agents Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Elena Hernández, Inés Sittón, Sara Rodríguez, Ana B. Gil, Roberto J. García
      Pages 3-10
    3. Jaume Jordán, Javier Palanca, Elena del Val, Vicente Julian, Vicente Botti
      Pages 11-20
    4. Alfonso González-Briones, Alberto Rivas, Pablo Chamoso, Roberto Casado-Vara, Juan Manuel Corchado
      Pages 21-33
  3. Soft Computing Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Andrés Ortiz, Javier Ramírez, Ricardo Cruz-Arándiga, María J. García-Tarifa, Francisco J. Martínez-Murcia, Juan M. Górriz
      Pages 37-46
    3. Francisco Jesús Martinez-Murcia, Andres Ortiz, Juan Manuel Gorriz, Javier Ramirez, Diego Castillo-Barnes, Diego Salas-Gonzalez et al.
      Pages 47-56
    4. Álvaro Segura, Alejandro García-Alonso
      Pages 57-66
    5. Roberto Casado-Vara, Javier Prieto, Juan M. Corchado
      Pages 67-76
  4. Clustering and Classification

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 77-77
    2. Rosario Delgado, J. David Núñez-González
      Pages 79-89
    3. Rebeca Cordero-Gutiérrez, Pablo Chamoso, Alfonso González Briones, Alberto Rivas, Roberto Casado-Vara, Juan Manuel Corchado
      Pages 90-99
    4. Diego Castillo-Barnes, Fermin Segovia, Francisco J. Martinez-Murcia, Diego Salas-Gonzalez, Javier Ramírez, Juan M. Górriz
      Pages 100-109
    5. Barbara Bobowska, Michał Woźniak
      Pages 110-119
  5. Deep Learning

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 121-121
    2. J. F. Torres, A. Troncoso, I. Koprinska, Z. Wang, F. Martínez-Álvarez
      Pages 123-133
    3. Susana Silva, Paulo Cortez, Rui Mendes, Pedro José Pereira, Luís Miguel Matos, Luís Garcia
      Pages 145-154
  6. Industry 4.0

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Raquel Redondo, Álvaro Herrero, Emilio Corchado, Javier Sedano
      Pages 167-176
    3. Daniel Mota, Constantino Martins, João Carneiro, Diogo Martinho, Luís Conceição, Ana Almeida et al.
      Pages 177-186
    4. C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Alvaro A. Patiño-Forero, G. A. Camacho-Munoz
      Pages 187-196
    5. Inés Sittón Candanedo, Sara Rodríguez González, Fernando De la Prieta, Angélica González Arrieta
      Pages 197-206
  7. Data Mining and Optimization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-207
    2. Diego Montoya-Zapata, Diego A. Acosta, Oscar Ruiz-Salguero, David Sanchez-Londono
      Pages 209-220
    3. I. A. Illan, J. Ramirez, J. M. Gorriz, K. Pinker, A. Meyer-Baese
      Pages 221-229
    4. María Navarro-Cáceres, Lucía Martín-Gómez, Inés Sittón-Candanedo, Sara Rodríguez-González, Belén Pérez-Lancho
      Pages 230-240
    5. Wojciech Bożejko, Jarosław Pempera, Mieczysław Wodecki
      Pages 241-248
  8. Soft Computing Methods in Manufacturing and Management Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 249-249
    2. Bruno Simões, Hugo Álvarez, Alvaro Segura, Iñigo Barandiaran
      Pages 270-279
    3. Daniel Maestro-Watson, Julen Balzategui, Luka Eciolaza, Nestor Arana-Arexolaleiba
      Pages 280-289
  9. Special Session: Optimization, Modeling and Control by Soft Computing Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 291-291
    2. J. Enrique Sierra, Matilde Santos
      Pages 293-302
    3. Matilde Santos, Nicolás Antequera
      Pages 313-323
    4. Alain Porto, Eloy Irigoyen, Mikel Larrea
      Pages 324-333
    5. Samad Barri Khojasteh, José R. Villar, Enrique de la Cal, Víctor M. González, Javier Sedano
      Pages 334-343
    6. C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Miguel F. Arevalo-Castiblanco, Alvaro A. Patiño-Forero
      Pages 344-353
  10. Special Session: Soft Computing Applications in the Field of Industrial and Environmental Enterprises

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 355-355
    2. Jose Antonio Moscoso-López, Ignacio J. Turias, Juan Jesús Ruiz Aguilar, Francisco Javier Gonzalez-Enrique
      Pages 357-366
    3. Marcos Alonso, Alberto Izaguirre, Manuel Graña
      Pages 367-376
    4. Carlos Alonso de Armiño, Miguel Ángel Manzanedo, Álvaro Herrero
      Pages 387-396
    5. Leyre Torre-Tojal, Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede, Manuel Graña
      Pages 397-406
    6. Evelyne Lombardo, Pierre-Michel Riccio, Serge Agostinelli
      Pages 407-414
    7. Esteban Jove, José-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Héctor Quintián, Juan Albino Méndez-Pérez, José Luis Calvo-Rolle
      Pages 415-425

About these proceedings


This book includes papers presented at SOCO 2018, CISIS 2018 and ICEUTE 2018, all held in the beautiful and historic city of San Sebastian (Spain), in June 2018.
Soft computing represents a collection or set of computational techniques in machine learning, computer science and some engineering disciplines, which investigate, simulate, and analyze highly complex issues and phenomena.
After a rigorous peer-review process, the 13th SOCO 2018 International Program Committee selected 41 papers, with a special emphasis on optimization, modeling and control using soft computing techniques and soft computing applications in the field of industrial and environmental enterprises.
The aim of the 11th CISIS 2018 conference was to offer a meeting opportunity for academic and industry researchers from the vast areas of computational intelligence, information security, and data mining. The need for intelligent, flexible behaviour by large, complex systems, especially in mission-critical domains, was the catalyst for the overall event.
Eight of the papers included in the book were selected by the CISIS 2018 International Program Committee.
The International Program Committee of ICEUTE 2018 selected 11 papers for inclusion in these conference proceedings.


Computational Intelligence Soft Computing SOCO 2018 CISIS 2018 ICEUTE 2018 Soft Computing Models

Editors and affiliations

  • Manuel Graña
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  • José Manuel López-Guede
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  • Oier Etxaniz
    • 3
  • Álvaro Herrero
    • 4
  • José Antonio Sáez
    • 5
  • Héctor Quintián
    • 6
  • Emilio Corchado
    • 7
  1. 1.Computational Intelligence GroupUniversity of the Basque CountrySarrienaSpain
  2. 2.Computational Intelligence GroupUniversity of the Basque CountrySarrienaSpain
  3. 3.Computational Intelligence GroupUniversity of the Basque CountrySarrienaSpain
  4. 4.Department of Civil EngineeringUniversity of BurgosBurgosSpain
  5. 5.University of SalamancaSalamancaSpain
  6. 6.Department of Industrial EngineeringUniversity of A CoruñaLa CoruñaSpain
  7. 7.University of SalamancaSalamancaSpain

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