Estuarine Pollution in the Lower Gangetic Delta

Threats and Management

  • Abhijit Mitra

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About this book


This book critically analyzes the water quality in the lower Gangetic delta, and examines the environmental conditions and physical processes operating in this rich ecosystem. Readers with an interest in environmental science, geography, oceanography, marine biology, environmental biology, aquatic pollution and ecology will find the research presented here most appealing. 

Readers will discover critical aspects of the chemistry of the estuarine water (particularly that of Hooghly and Matla estuaries) in the lower stretch of the delta region along with the causes and effects of pollution in and around this region. Particular attention is given to the bioaccumulation of conservative pollutants in edible fishes and floral communities thriving in this region. Several case studies are also incorporated to highlight the vulnerability of pollution in this region. Chapters also address the impacts of climate change (specifically acidification) on the concentration and be
havior of conservative pollutants. Finally, the book highlights some mitigation measures at the technology and policy level to minimize the negative impacts posed by different groups of pollutants on the estuarine biodiversity. 


Gangetic delta environment water quality bioaccumulation of pollutants acidification biodiversity hotspot Brackish water aquaculture physico-chemical monitoring Hooghly and Matla estuaries Western India dissolved heavy metals Ganga delta pollution

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