Advances in Plant Ecophysiology Techniques

  • Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras
  • Manuel J. Reigosa

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Mercedes Verdeguer
    Pages 1-13
  3. Antonio Lupini, Fabrizio Araniti, Antonio Mauceri, Maria Princi, Antonino Di Iorio, Agostino Sorgonà et al.
    Pages 15-28
  4. Beatriz Fernández-Marín, José Ignacio García-Plazaola, Antonio Hernández, Raquel Esteban
    Pages 29-50
  5. Cyril Douthe, Jorge Gago, Miquel Ribas-Carbó, Rubén Núñez, Nuria Pedrol, Jaume Flexas
    Pages 51-75
  6. Gorka Erice, María Luisa Pérez-Bueno, Mónica Pineda, Matilde Barón, Ricardo Aroca, Mónica Calvo-Polanco
    Pages 109-134
  7. Teresa Papalia, Maria Rosaria Panuccio, Maria Sidari, Adele Muscolo
    Pages 177-193
  8. Fabrizio Araniti, Teodoro Coba de la Peña, Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras
    Pages 195-213
  9. Teodoro Coba de la Peña, Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras
    Pages 215-229
  10. Elisa Graña
    Pages 231-240
  11. Elfrieda Fodor, Ferhan Ayaydin
    Pages 241-251
  12. Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras, Marianna Pacenza, Fabrizio Araniti, Leonardo Bruno
    Pages 253-271
  13. Elisa Graña
    Pages 283-294
  14. Leonardo Bruno, Fabrizio Araniti, Olimpia Gagliardi
    Pages 295-308
  15. Jesus V. Jorrín-Novo, Luis Valledor-González, Mari A. Castillejo-Sánchez, Rosa Sánchez-Lucas, Isabel M. Gómez-Gálvez, Cristina López-Hidalgo et al.
    Pages 309-322
  16. Marta Teijeira, María Celeiro
    Pages 347-361
  17. Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras, Elisa Graña, Carla Díaz-Tielas, David López-González, Fabrizio Araniti, María Celeiro et al.
    Pages 363-378
  18. Margot Schulz, Meike Siebers, Nico Anders
    Pages 379-399
  19. Fabrizio Araniti, Sebastiano Pantò, Antonio Lupini, Francesco Sunseri, Maria Rosa Abenavoli
    Pages 401-417
  20. Geneviève Chiapusio, Dorine Desalme, Philippe Binet, François Pellissier
    Pages 419-437
  21. Adrià Barbeta, Jérôme Ogée, Josep Peñuelas
    Pages 439-456
  22. Joana Costa, Rui S. Oliveira, Igor Tiago, Ying Ma, Cristina Galhano, Helena Freitas et al.
    Pages 457-482
  23. Bibhuti Prasad Barik, Amarendra Narayan Mishra
    Pages 483-497

About this book


This handbook covers the most commonly used techniques for measuring plant response to biotic and abiotic stressing factors, including: in vitro and in vivo bioassays; the study of root morphology, photosynthesis (pigment content, net photosynthesis, respiration, fluorescence and thermoluminiscence) and water status; thermal imaging; the measurement of oxidative stress markers; flow cytometry for measuring cell cycle and other physiological parameters; the use of microscope techniques for studying plant microtubules; programmed-cell-death, and other parameters; last-generation techniques (metabolomics, proteomics, SAR/QSAR); hybridization methods; isotope techniques for plant and soil studies; and the measurement of detoxification pathways, volatiles, soil microorganisms, and computational biology.

Every chapter is focused on the measurement of a parameter from a very practical point of view, including its use in plant ecophysiology and the meaning of the results that can be obtained.


plant ecophysiology plant physiology methodology plant biology plant science

Editors and affiliations

  • Adela M. Sánchez-Moreiras
    • 1
  • Manuel J. Reigosa
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Plant Biology and Soil ScienceUniversity of VigoVigoSpain
  2. 2.Department of Plant Biology and Soil ScienceUniversity of VigoVigoSpain

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