IAEG/AEG Annual Meeting Proceedings, San Francisco, California, 2018 - Volume 2

Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization

  • Abdul Shakoor
  • Kerry Cato
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Anna Shidlovskaya, Anna Timchenko, Jean-Louis Briaud
    Pages 1-5
  3. Stephen Wilkinson, Chaofa Zhao, Zhongxuan Yang, Kun Pan
    Pages 15-19
  4. Martin Potten, Bettina Sellmeier, Elena Mraz, Kurosch Thuro
    Pages 21-26
  5. Jéssica Pelinsom Marques, Valéria Guimarães Silvestre Rodrigues, Orencio Monje Vilar, Edmundo Rogério Esquivel
    Pages 27-31
  6. Yasin Mirjafari, Rolando P. Orense, Naoaki Suemasa
    Pages 47-54
  7. Vanessa Noveletto, Marivaldo S. Nascimento, Murilo S. Espíndola, Vitor S. Müller
    Pages 55-61
  8. Matthys A. Dippenaar, J. Louis van Rooy
    Pages 63-67
  9. L. E. C. Alves, M. Espindola, Vitor S. Müller, M. Z. Broetto, R. L. Pizzolo, V. F. Hickel
    Pages 69-74
  10. Filipe Telmo Jeremias, Rute Ramos, Laura Caldeira
    Pages 75-82
  11. Adu Agyemang, Adela Beauty, Arpita Nandi, Ingrid Luffman, Andrew Joyner
    Pages 91-98
  12. José Augusto de Lollo, João V. R. Guerrero, Ana C. P. Abe, Reinaldo Lorandi
    Pages 99-106
  13. José Augusto de Lollo, Alice N. Marteli, Reinaldo Lorandi
    Pages 107-112
  14. Isabela Monici Raimondi, Jacqueline Zanin Lima, Valéria Guimarães Silvestre Rodrigues
    Pages 129-134
  15. Vincenzo Simeone, Angelo Doglioni, Rosa Maria Lacertosa, Francesco Sdao
    Pages 161-168
  16. Lescano Leticia, Locati Francisco, Marfil Silvina, Sfragulla Jorge, Bonalumi Aldo, Maiza Pedro
    Pages 169-174
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 175-176

About these proceedings


This book is one out six IAEG XIII Congress and AEG 61st Annual Meeting proceeding volumes, and deals with topics related to the geotechnical and environmental site characterization.

The theme of the IAEG/AEG Meeting, held in San Francisco from September 17-21, 2018, is Engineering Geology for a Sustainable World. The meeting proceedings analyze the dynamic role of engineering geology in our changing world. The meeting topics and subject areas of the six volumes are: Slope Stability: Case Histories, Landslide Mapping, Emerging Technologies; Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization; Mining, Aggregates, Karst; Dams, Tunnels, Groundwater Resources, Climate Change; Geologic Hazards: Earthquakes, Land Subsidence, Coastal Hazards, and Emergency Response; and Advances in Engineering Geology: Education, Soil and Rock Properties, Modeling.


Remote Sensing LiDAR Risk Assessment Nuclear Waste disposal Geotechnical Baseline Report

Editors and affiliations

  • Abdul Shakoor
    • 1
  • Kerry Cato
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of GeologyKent State UniversityKentUSA
  2. 2.Department of Geological SciencesCalifornia State UniversitySan BernardinoUSA

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