Climate Change Risks in Brazil

  • Carlos A. Nobre
  • Jose A. Marengo
  • Wagner R. Soares

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Carlos A. Nobre, Jose A. Marengo, Wagner R. Soares, Ana Paula Soares
    Pages 1-5
  3. Wagner R. Soares, Jose A. Marengo, Carlos A. Nobre
    Pages 7-30
  4. Sandra de Souza Hacon, Beatriz Fátima Alves de Oliveira, Ismael Silveira
    Pages 67-129
  5. Roberto Schaeffer, André F. P. Lucena, Isabella V. L. Costa, Eveline Vásquez, Cindy Viviescas, Vanessa Huback
    Pages 143-179
  6. Jose A. Marengo, Ana Paula Cunha, Wagner R. Soares, Roger R. Torres, Lincoln M. Alves, Sheila S. de Barros Brito et al.
    Pages 181-200
  7. Gilvan Sampaio, Laura S. Borma, Manoel Cardoso, Lincoln Muniz Alves, Celso von Randow, Daniel Andrés Rodriguez et al.
    Pages 201-218
  8. Jose A. Marengo, Carlos A. Nobre, Wagner R. Soares, Ana P. Soares
    Pages 219-224
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 225-226

About this book


This book maps extreme temperature increase under dangerous climate change scenarios in Brazil and their impacts on four key sectors: agriculture, health, biodiversity and energy. The book draws on a careful review of the literature and climate projections, including relative risk estimates. This synthesis summarizes the state-of-the-art knowledge and provides decision-makers with risk analysis tools, to be incorporated in public planning policy, in order to understand climate events which may occur and which may have significant consequences.



Dangerous climate change in Brazil Climate impacts on human health and agriculture Heatwaves and changes in rainfall regimes Climate change vulnerability, impacts, and adaptation Extreme climate events effects on water availability Extreme climate events effects on food production

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  • Wagner R. Soares
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