Vilfredo Pareto: An Intellectual Biography Volume I

From Science to Liberty (1848–1891)

  • Fiorenzo Mornati

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  8. Back Matter
    Pages 241-252

About this book


This three volume series of intellectual biography considers the life, work and impact on economic, social and political theory of the Italian economist, sociologist and political scientist Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923).

This volume covers the period starting from his childhood up to his early political activism, amateur journalism and initial scholarly contributions. His pre-Lausanne years are often neglected by students of Pareto, but form the intellectual and biographical background to his later contributions to economic, social and political theory.

Fiorenzo Mornati is Associate Professor in History of Economic Thought at the University of Turin, Italy. 


Vilfredo Pareto History of economic thought Pareto principle Pareto efficiency Hydraulic engineering Technical journalism Political liberalism Religious liberalism Economic liberalism Moral liberalism Anti-colonialism Anti-militarism Taxation and public expenditure Economic theory Economic aspects of socialism Economic sociology Economic philosophy

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  1. 1.Dipto di Econ e StatisticaUniversity of TurinTorinoItaly

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