Bilingualism and Cognitive Control

  • Ramesh Kumar Mishra

Part of the The Bilingual Mind and Brain Book Series book series (BMBBS, volume 6)

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About this book


This thought-provoking monograph makes a multidisciplinary case for bilingualism as a possible enhancer of executive function, particularly cognitive control. Its central focus is the cognitive operations of the bilingual brain in processing two languages and whether they afford the brain a greater edge on neuroplasticity—in short, a cognitive advantage. Major issues and controversies in the debate are analyzed from cognitive neuroscience, psycholinguistic, and integrative perspectives, with attention paid to commonly and rarely studied domains at work in bilingual processing. And the author pinpoints future areas for improved research such as recognizing the diversity of bilingualism, not simply in languages spoken but also in social context, as seen among immigrants and refugees.

Included in the coverage:

  • The evolution of bilingualism.
  • What goes on in a bilingual mind? The core cognitive mechanisms.
  • Cognitive advantage of bilingualism and its criticisms.
  • Neuroscience of bilingualism.
  • Bilingualism, context, and control.
  • Attention, vision, and control in bilinguals.

With its cogent takes on ongoing questions and emerging issues, Bilingualism and Cognitive Control is of immediate interest to bilingual researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the behavioral aspects and neurobiology of bilingualism and the dynamic character of the bilingual/multilingual/second language learner’s mind, as well as the growing number of advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in the psychology/psycholinguistics of bilingualism, bilingual cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience.          


attentional control spatial memory bilingual executive control inhibitory control model bilingual cognitive advantages brain plasticity working memory semantic memory bilingual language control evolution of bilingualism linguistic interface in bilinguals preventing cognitive decline visual search tasks cognitive psychology and inhibition

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  • Ramesh Kumar Mishra
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  1. 1.Center for Neural and Cognitive SciencesUniversity of HyderabadHyderabadIndia

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