Cannabis Use Disorders

  • Ivan D. Montoya
  • Susan R. B. Weiss

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Ivan D. Montoya, Susan R. B. Weiss
    Pages 1-6
  3. Marsha Lopez, Carlos Blanco
    Pages 7-12
  4. Lisa Blecha, Geneviève Lafaye, Amine Benyamina
    Pages 13-20
  5. María S. García-Gutiérrez, Francisco Navarrete, Adrián Viudez-Martínez, Ani Gasparyan, Esther Caparrós, Jorge Manzanares
    Pages 31-42
  6. Aidan J. Hampson, Robert L. Walsh
    Pages 55-62
  7. Zuzana Justinova
    Pages 63-74
  8. Caroline A. Arout, Evan Herrmann, Margaret Haney
    Pages 75-84
  9. Alan J. Budney, Jacob T. Borodovsky, Ashley A. Knapp
    Pages 85-91
  10. Nicolas J. Schlienz, Ryan Vandrey
    Pages 93-102
  11. Ziva D. Cooper, Arthur Robin Williams
    Pages 103-111
  12. David A. Gorelick
    Pages 113-125
  13. Sai Krishna Tikka, Deepak Cyril D’Souza
    Pages 127-155
  14. Jag H. Khalsa, Ruben Baler
    Pages 157-167
  15. Laurent Karila, Amine Benyamina
    Pages 169-176
  16. Martha L. Velez, Chloe J. Jordan, Lauren M. Jansson
    Pages 177-188
  17. Rachel L. Tomko, Amber N. Williamson, Aimee L. McRae-Clark, Kevin M. Gray
    Pages 189-199
  18. Christina A. Brezing, Frances R. Levin
    Pages 201-205
  19. Brian J. Sherman, Aimee L. McRae-Clark
    Pages 207-211
  20. Barbara J. Mason
    Pages 213-220
  21. Will M. Aklin, Michele Bedard-Gilligan
    Pages 229-236
  22. Andrew M. Kiselica, Amy Duhig
    Pages 245-252
  23. Steven W. Gust, Graciela Ahumada, Jan Copeland, Paul Griffiths, John Howard, Marya Hynes
    Pages 253-263
  24. Back Matter
    Pages 265-271

About this book


This book is an unbiased scientific compendium documenting the state-of-the-art in the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of Cannabis Use Disorders (CUD). Unlike any other current medical text, this volume focuses on the scientific aspects of CUDs and provides a resource for researchers, physicians and other health care providers who treat patients suffering from the disorder or its consequences. It begins by establishing the landscape of the disorder, including its prevalence, association with disabilities and comorbidities, and frequency of patients seeking treatment. The text delves into the complexity of the disorder in today’s environment by including the discoveries on the nature and extent of the endocannabinoid system as well as potential breakthroughs in safe and effective pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments. Experts in the field contribute discussions on the most cutting-edge diagnostic and biological topics, including genetics, medical consequences, and clinical manifestations. The text also covers the challenges and risks presented by external factors, including social repercussions, protective factors, psychiatric comorbidities, withdrawal, and treatment services.

Cannabis Use Disorders is a vital resource for researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction medicine specialists, toxicologists, hospital administrators, nurses, social workers, and all health care professionals working with patients who misuse cannabis.


Etiology of Cannabis Use Disorder The endocannabinoid system Psychiatric Complexity Treatment services Diagnosis

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  • Ivan D. Montoya
    • 1
  • Susan R. B. Weiss
    • 2
  1. 1.Division of Pharma & Med Cons Drug Abuse, NIDA, NIH, Department of Health & Human ServicesBethesdaUSA
  2. 2.Division of Extramural ResearchNational Institute on Drug Abuse Division of Extramural ResearchBethesdaUSA

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