Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 5

Results from the 5th International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications

  • Jong-Hwan Kim
  • Hyun Myung
  • Junmo Kim
  • Weiliang Xu
  • Eric T Matson
  • Jin-Woo Jung
  • Han-Lim Choi
Conference proceedings RiTA 2017

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 751)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Artificial Intelligence

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Dipankar Bhattacharya, Leo K. Cheng, Steven Dirven, Weiliang Xu
      Pages 3-16
    3. Minju Jung, Junmo Kim
      Pages 27-33
    4. Sihyeon Seong, Chanho Lee, Junmo Kim
      Pages 35-41
    5. Doyeon Kim, Haechang Jung, Jaeyoung Lee, Junmo Kim
      Pages 43-48
    6. Jeongwoo Ju, Junho Yim, Sihaeng Lee, Junmo Kim
      Pages 63-72
    7. Aswath Suresh, C. P. Sridhar, Dhruv Gaba, Debrup Laha, Siddhant Bhambri
      Pages 83-98
    8. Aswath Suresh, Chetan Arora, Debrup Laha, Dhruv Gaba, Siddhant Bhambri
      Pages 99-112
    9. Siva Leela Krishna Chand Gudi, Suman Ojha, Sidra, Benjamin Johnston, Mary-Anne Williams
      Pages 113-120
    10. Cailen Robertson, Ryoma Ohira, Jun Jo, Bela Stantic
      Pages 121-134
  3. Autonomous Robot Navigation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 149-149
    2. Sang-Hyeon Kim, Lebsework Negash, Han-Lim Choi
      Pages 137-151
    3. Jongdae Jung, Jinwoo Choi, Taekjun Oh, Hyun Myung
      Pages 153-163
    4. Mahmoud A. Abdulgalil, Mahmoud M. Nasr, Mohamed H. Elalfy, Alaa Khamis, Fakhri Karray
      Pages 165-183
    5. Nantawat Pinkam, Abdullah Al Redwan Newaz, Sungmoon Jeong, Nak Young Chong
      Pages 195-209
  4. Intelligent Robot System Design

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. Jongheon Kim, Jinkwang Kim, Hyun Myung
      Pages 213-219
    3. Aswath Suresh, Debrup Laha, Dhruv Gaba, Siddhant Bhambri
      Pages 221-237
    4. Rami Ali Al-Khulaidi, Nuril Hana Binti Abu Bakr, Norfatehah Mohammad Fauzi, Rini Akmeliawati
      Pages 239-249
    5. Shivam Bhardwaj, Aswath Suresh, Ragini Arora, Shashank Vasishth, Debrup Laha, Dhruv Gaba et al.
      Pages 251-262
    6. David Claveau, Stormon Force
      Pages 263-271
    7. Suman Ojha, S. L. K. Chand Gudi, Jonathan Vitale, Mary-Anne Williams, Benjamin Johnston
      Pages 273-282
    8. Nguyen Truong Thinh, Tuong Phuoc Tho, Truong Cong Toai, Le Thanh Ben
      Pages 283-289
    9. Hu Li, Zahra Jadidi, Jinyan Chen, Jun Jo
      Pages 291-298
    10. Nan Lin, Peichen Wu, Xiao Tan, Jinhua Zhu, Zhenjiang Guo, Xinbo Qi et al.
      Pages 299-312
    11. Ahmad Mahmood Tahir, Giovanna A. Naselli, Matteo Zoppi
      Pages 313-334
  5. Intelligent Sensing and Control

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 335-335
    2. Chahid Ouali, Mahmoud M. Nasr, Mahmoud A. M. AbdelGalil, Fakhri Karray
      Pages 345-360
    3. Zahari Taha, Anwar P. P. Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Amirul Abdullah, Kamil Zakwan Mohd Azmi, Muhammad Aizzat Bin Zakaria, Ahmad Shahrizan Abd Ghani et al.
      Pages 361-370
    4. Anatoliy Gaiduk, Sergey Kapustyan, Alexander Dyachenko, Ryhor Prakapovich, Ivan Podmazov
      Pages 371-381
    5. Phan Gia Luan, Nguyen Thanh Tan, Nguyen Truong Thinh
      Pages 383-391
    6. Farzin Piltan, Muhammad Sohaib, Jong-Myon Kim
      Pages 393-407
    7. Dengyuan Wang, Xiaotong Chen, Gefei Zuo, Xinghua Liu, Zhanchi Wang, Hao Jiang et al.
      Pages 409-426
    8. Bing Tang, Rongyun Cao, Haoyu Zhao, Xiaoping Chen
      Pages 427-445
    9. Chengkai Xia, Yiming Li, Xiaotong Chen, Zhanchi Wang, Yusong Jin, Hao Jiang et al.
      Pages 447-457
    10. Aswath Suresh, Dhruv Gaba, Siddhant Bhambri, Debrup Laha
      Pages 459-474
    11. Ryman Hashem, Weiliang Xu, Martin Stommel, Leo K. Cheng
      Pages 475-487
  6. Machine Vision

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 489-489
    2. Xuesong Le, Jun Jo, Sakong Youngbo, Dejan Stantic
      Pages 491-502
    3. Siqi Ren, Yue Zhou, Liming He
      Pages 503-513
    4. Adrian Llopart, Ole Ravn, Nils A. Andersen, Jong-Hwan Kim
      Pages 515-530
    5. Seunghee Lee, Jungmo Koo, Hyungjin Kim, Kwangyik Jung, Hyun Myung
      Pages 549-558

About these proceedings


This book includes papers from the 5th International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications held at KAIST, Daejeon, Korea on December 13–15, 2017. It covers the following areas: artificial intelligence, autonomous robot navigation, intelligent robot system design, intelligent sensing and control, and machine vision.

The topics included in this book are deep learning, deep neural networks, image understanding, natural language processing, speech/voice/text recognition, reasoning & inference, sensor integration/fusion/perception, multisensor data fusion, navigation/SLAM/localization, distributed intelligent algorithms and techniques, ubiquitous computing, digital creatures, intelligent agents, computer vision, virtual/augmented reality, surveillance, pattern recognition, gesture recognition, fingerprint recognition, animation and virtual characters, and emerging applications.

This book is a valuable resource for robotics scientists, computer scientists, artificial intelligence researchers and professionals in universities, research institutes and laboratories.


Intelligent Systems Robot Intelligence Technology Robot Intelligence Robot Intelligence Applications RITA 5th International Conference on RITA Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications

Editors and affiliations

  • Jong-Hwan Kim
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  • Hyun Myung
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  • Junmo Kim
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  • Weiliang Xu
    • 4
  • Eric T Matson
    • 5
  • Jin-Woo Jung
    • 6
  • Han-Lim Choi
    • 7
  1. 1.School of Electrical EngineeringKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)DaejeonKorea (Republic of)
  2. 2.Department of Civil and Environmental EngineeringKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)DaejeonKorea (Republic of)
  3. 3.School of Electrical EngineeringKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)DaejeonKorea (Republic of)
  4. 4.Department of Mechanical EngineeringThe University of AucklandAucklandNew Zealand
  5. 5.Department of Computer and Information TechnologyPurdue UniversityWest LafayetteUSA
  6. 6.Department of Computer Science and EngineeringDongguk UniversitySeoulKorea (Republic of)
  7. 7.Department of Aerospace EngineeringKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)DaejeonKorea (Republic of)

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