Proceedings of the International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

  • Mariacristina Cocca
  • Emilia Di Pace
  • Maria Emanuela Errico
  • Gennaro Gentile
  • Alessio Montarsolo
  • Raffaella Mossotti
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Water book series (SPWA)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Giuseppe Suaria, Carlo Giacomo Avio, Francesco Regoli, Stefano Aliani
    Pages 1-7
  3. Mel Constant, Philippe Kerherve, Jennifer Sola, Anna Sanchez-Vidal, Miquel Canals, Serge Heussner
    Pages 9-15
  4. Nikoletta Digka, Catherine Tsangaris, Helen Kaberi, Argyro Adamopoulou, Christina Zeri
    Pages 17-24
  5. Maria Luiza Pedrotti, Maria Grazia Mazzocchi, Fabien Lombard, François Galgani, Marie Emmanuelle Kerros, Maryvonne Henry et al.
    Pages 25-29
  6. Mathilde Falcou-Préfol, Mikaël Kedzierski, Jonathan Villain, Marie Emmanuelle Kerros, Amanda Elineau, Maria Luiza Pedrotti et al.
    Pages 31-35
  7. Giovanni Coppini, Svitlana Liubartseva, Rita Lecci, Sergio Cretì, Giorgia Verri, Emanuela Clementi et al.
    Pages 37-45
  8. Ricardo Gouveia, Joana Antunes, Paula Sobral, Leonor Amaral
    Pages 53-57
  9. Mikaël Kedzierski, Véronique Le Tilly, Patrick Bourseau, Hervé Bellegou, Guy César, Olivier Sire et al.
    Pages 59-65
  10. Alessio Montarsolo, Raffaella Mossotti, Alessia Patrucco, Marina Zoccola, Rosalinda Caringella, Pier Davide Pozzo et al.
    Pages 81-88
  11. Meral Yurtsever, Ahmet Tunahan Kaya, Senem Çiftçi Bayraktar
    Pages 89-97
  12. Markus T. Lasut, Miriam Weber, Fransisco Pangalila, Natalie D. C. Rumampuk, Joice R. T. S. L. Rimper, Veibe Warouw et al.
    Pages 107-113
  13. Manuela Piccardo, Serena Felline, Antonio Terlizzi
    Pages 115-120
  14. Natascha Schmidt, Javier Castro-Jiménez, Vincent Fauvelle, Richard Sempéré
    Pages 121-129
  15. Filipa Bessa, Pablo Barría, João M. Neto, João P. G. L. Frias, Vanessa Otero, Paula Sobral et al.
    Pages 131-135
  16. Giulio Pellini, Alessio Gomiero, Tomaso Fortibuoni, Gianna Fabi, Fabio Grati, Anna Nora Tassetti et al.
    Pages 137-149
  17. John van den Hoff, Cecilia Eriksson, Harry Burton, Martin Schultz
    Pages 151-157
  18. Roman Lehner, Alke Petri-Fink, Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser
    Pages 167-170
  19. Kathrin Oelschlägel, Jenny Pfeiffer, Annegret Potthoff
    Pages 171-179
  20. Panagiota Tsiota, Katerina Karkanorachaki, Evdokia Syranidou, Martina Franchini, Nicolas Kalogerakis
    Pages 181-188
  21. Miriam Weber, Dorothée Makarow, Boris Unger, Nike Mortier, Bruno De Wilde, Miriam van Eekert et al.
    Pages 189-193
  22. Christian Lott, Andreas Eich, Nora-Charlotte Pauli, Tobias Mildenberger, Christian Laforsch, Jana S. Petermann et al.
    Pages 195-197
  23. Salvatore Mallardo, Valentina De Vito, Mario Malinconico, Maria Grazia Volpe, Gabriella Santagata, Maria Laura Di Lorenzo
    Pages 199-204
  24. Mariacristina Cocca, Francesca De Falco, Gennaro Gentile, Roberto Avolio, Maria Emanuela Errico, Emilia Di Pace et al.
    Pages 205-209
  25. Gabriella Santagata, Giorgio Grillo, Barbara Immirzi, Silvia Tabasso, Giancarlo Cravotto, Mario Malinconico
    Pages 211-217
  26. Francesca De Falco, Maria Pia Gullo, Gennaro Gentile, Roberto Avolio, Maria Emanuela Errico, Emilia Di Pace et al.
    Pages 219-222
  27. Raffaella Mossotti, Alessio Montarsolo, Alessia Patrucco, Marina Zoccola, Rosalinda Caringella, Pier Davide Pozzo et al.
    Pages 223-229
  28. Anita Grozdanov, Aleksandar Petrovski, Perica Paunovik, Aleksandar T. Dimitrov, Maurizio Avella
    Pages 231-238
  29. Anita Grozdanov, Katerina Atkovska, Kiril Lisickov, Gordana Ruseska, Aleksandar T. Dimitrov
    Pages 239-244

About these proceedings


This book focuses on different aspects of microplastic pollution, offering authors and readers the opportunity to share their knowledge, identify issues and propose solutions and actions to face this environmental threat. Although plastic pollution is a well-known global problem, the recent discovery of microplastics and nanoplastics in seas and oceans represents a very alarming new environmental challenge. The book offers comprehensive insights into the origins of the problem, its impact on marine environments, particularly the Mediterranean Sea and coasts, and the current research trends aimed at finding technical solutions to mitigate the phenomenon.

It is primarily intended for scientists and decision makers from industry, international, national and local institutions and NGOs


Microplastics and marine environment Microplastic Sea Pollution Microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea Sources of microplastics Degradation of microplastics in marine environment Impact of microplastics on marine life Socioeconomic impacts of microplastics Mitigation of microplastic impact water remediation Biodegradable microplastics microplastics sea pollution plastic debris water remediation marine environment

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  • Maria Emanuela Errico
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  • Gennaro Gentile
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  • Alessio Montarsolo
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  • Raffaella Mossotti
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