The Impact of Globalization on International Finance and Accounting

18th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting (ACFA)

  • David Procházka
Conference proceedings

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Anastasiia Grinkevich, Larisa Grinkevich, Olga Belomyttseva
    Pages 35-42
  3. Nesrin Ozatac, Nigar Taspinar, Oubayda El Rifai, Baris Eren
    Pages 61-70
  4. Hana Džmuráňová, Martina Hejdová, Petr Teplý
    Pages 107-116
  5. Hana Bártová
    Pages 117-122
  6. Olga Belomyttseva, Larisa Grinkevich, Anastasiia Grinkevich
    Pages 153-159
  7. Lucie Sedmihradská, Guner Tuncer, Ersin Nail Sagdic
    Pages 237-244
  8. Paulina Ucieklak-Jeż, Agnieszka Bem, Paweł Prędkiewicz, Rafał Siedlecki
    Pages 265-271
  9. Simona Tuzarová, Ladislav Mejzlík
    Pages 341-346
  10. Josef Krupička
    Pages 375-384
  11. Anna Siemionek, Michał Chalastra
    Pages 411-419

About these proceedings


This proceedings volume analyzes the impact of globalization on international financial flow as well as harmonized financial reporting. Featuring contributions presented at the 18th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting held at the University of Economics in Prague, this book examines the economic consequences of the globalized world in the sphere of corporate and public finance, monetary systems, banking, financial reporting and management accounting. The global perspective is accompanied by local specific cases studies, including those from emerging markets. In addition, the combination of micro- and macroeconomic approaches provide insights on the behavior of all relevant stakeholders in the process and the results of dynamic pressures surrounding global capital markets and international investments.  This book will serve as a useful resource for scholars and researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the fields of finance, economics and accounting.


18th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting Globalization and International Finance Globalization and Accounting Corporate Finance Monetary Economics Public Finance Monetary Theory Management Accounting Business Evaluation Taxation

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