Advanced Topics in Relation Algebras

Relation Algebras, Volume 2

  • Steven¬†Givant

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About this book


The second volume of a pair that charts relation algebras from novice to expert level, this text brings the well-grounded reader to the frontiers of research. Building on the foundations established in the preceding Introduction to Relation Algebras, this volume advances the reader into the deeper mathematical results of the past few decades. Such material offers an ideal preparation for research in relation algebras and Boolean algebras with operators.

Arranged in a modular fashion, this text offers the opportunity to explore any of several areas in detail; topics include canonical extensions, completions, representations, varieties, and atom structures. Each chapter offers a complete account of one such avenue of development, including a historical section and substantial number of exercises. The clarity of exposition and comprehensive nature of each module make this an ideal text for the independent reader entering the field, while researchers will value it as a reference for years to come.

Collecting, curating, and illuminating over 75 years of progress since Tarski's seminal work in 1941, this textbook in two volumes offers a landmark, unified treatment of the increasingly relevant field of relation algebras. Clear and insightful prose guides the reader through material previously only available in scattered, highly-technical journal articles. Students and experts alike will appreciate the work as both a textbook and invaluable reference for the community. Note that this volume contains numerous, essential references to the previous volume, Introduction to Relation Algebras. The reader is strongly encouraged to secure at least electronic access to the first book in order to make use of the second. 


Relation algebras Canonical extensions Completion extensions Representations Atom structures Varieties of relation algebras

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