Mathematical Problems of the Dynamics of Incompressible Fluid on a Rotating Sphere

  • Yuri N.┬áSkiba

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About this book


This book presents selected mathematical problems involving the dynamics of a two-dimensional viscous and ideal incompressible fluid on a rotating sphere. In this case, the fluid motion is completely governed by the barotropic vorticity equation (BVE), and the viscosity term in the vorticity equation is taken in its general form, which contains the derivative of real degree of the spherical Laplace operator.

This work builds a bridge between basic concepts and concrete outcomes by pursuing a rich combination of theoretical, analytical and numerical approaches, and is recommended for specialists developing mathematical methods for application to problems in physics, hydrodynamics, meteorology and geophysics, as well for upper undergraduate or graduate students in the areas of dynamics of incompressible fluid on a rotating sphere, theory of functions on a sphere, and flow stability.


Barotropic vorticity equation Incompressible fluid Fluid dynamics Flow stability Rossby-Haurwitz waves Wu-Verkley waves Linear stability M13120 U24005 P19013 P21026

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  • Yuri N.┬áSkiba
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  1. 1.Center for Atmospheric SciencesNational Autonomous University of MexicoMexicoMexico

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