Erwin Schrödinger's Color Theory

Translated with Modern Commentary

  • Keith K. Niall

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This book presents the most complete translation to date of Erwin Schrödinger’s work on colorimetry. In his work Schrödinger proposed a projective geometry of color space, rather than a Euclidean line-element. He also proposed new (at the time) colorimetric methods – in detail and at length - which represented a dramatic conceptual shift in colorimetry. Schrödinger shows how the trichromatic (or Young-Helmholtz) theory of color and the opponent-process (or Hering) theory of color are formally the same theory, or at least only trivially different. These translations of Schrödinger’s bold concepts for color space have a fresh resonance and importance for contemporary color theory.


Color Appearance Models Color Measurement Color Space Color Theory Colorimetry History Colorimetry Theory Hering Color Theory Opponent-process Color Theory Psychophysics Schrödinger Papers Trichromatic Color Theory Vision Science Young-Helmholtz Color Theory projective Geometry Applications

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