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Energy, Risk and Governance

The Case of Nuclear Energy in India


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About this book


This book is about how energy, risk and governance are intertwined in the development of the nuclear industry in India and its relationship with the Indian public. It provides a rare insider-view of how the nuclear establishment thinks about risk, contrasted with public understandings of nuclear risk.

Energy, Risk and Governance
 presents a nuanced picture of why nuclear energy is still considered by some as a rational choice. This is in spite of its risks, the ambiguities in both expert and public risk perceptions, and the internal reflexivities that have emerged within the nuclear establishment as a result of the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster that is absent from public discourse. The insights in this book are not unique to India and similar observations can likely be made across the global nuclear industry.

Reflecting on what this means for risk governance in practice, this book proposes practical suggestions and some tools that practitioners in the nuclear industry can use in public engagement, risk communication and deliberation at various stages of decision-making.


Environmental Sociology civilian nuclear power energy security developing world risk governance energy policy India Risk Nuclear Energy in India Risk in the Nuclear Industry Risk in the Nuclear Industry in India Perceptions of Risk Public Discourse of Risk

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About the authors

Catherine Mei Ling Wong is a sociologist at the University of Luxembourg. Her research focuses on risk governance in the energy sector, climate policy, and global financial centres. She also specialises in qualitative comparative research methods. She has held various research and teaching positions at James Cook University, the Australian National University and the Singapore Institute of Management University (UniSIM).

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