The Mexican Crack Writers

History and Criticism

  • Héctor Jaimes

Part of the Literatures of the Americas book series (LOA)

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This book provides a rich and cutting-edge analysis of one of the most prominent literary groups in Latin America: the Mexican Crack Writers. The first part explores the history of the group and its relation to the Latin American literary tradition, while the second part is devoted to the critical analysis of the works of each of the authors: Ricardo Chávez Castañeda, Ignacio Padilla, Pedro Ángel Palou, Eloy Urroz and Jorge Volpi. The volume is further enriched by the inclusion, in the appendix, of the two manifestos of the group: the Crack Manifesto and the Crack Postmanifesto (1996-2016). It will be of great interest to students and scholars focusing on contemporary Latin American literature.


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