Modelling with the Master Equation

Solution Methods and Applications in Social and Natural Sciences

  • Günter Haag

Table of contents

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  3. Statistical Toolbox

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      Pages 15-37
    3. Günter Haag
      Pages 63-91
  4. Applications Natural Sciences

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      Pages 93-93
    2. Günter Haag
      Pages 95-139
  5. Applications Social Sciences

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      Pages 141-141
    2. Günter Haag
      Pages 181-232
    3. Günter Haag
      Pages 233-303

About this book


This book presents the theory and practical applications of the Master equation approach, which provides a powerful general framework for model building in a variety of disciplines. The aim of the book is to not only highlight different mathematical solution methods, but also reveal their potential by means of practical examples.

Part I of the book, which can be used as a toolbox, introduces selected statistical fundamentals and solution methods for the Master equation. In Part II and Part III, the Master equation approach is applied to important applications in the natural and social sciences.

The case studies presented mainly hail from the social sciences, including urban and regional dynamics, population dynamics, dynamic decision theory, opinion formation and traffic dynamics; however, some applications from physics and chemistry are treated as well, underlining the interdisciplinary modelling potential of the Master equation approach.  

Drawing upon the author’s extensive teaching and research experience and consulting work, the book offers a valuable guide for researchers, graduate students and professionals alike.


Master Equation Modelling Social Sciences Model Building Fokker-Planck Equation Population Dynamics Dynamic Decision Theory Econophysics-Migration-Urban Dynamics Transport

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  1. 1.Institute of Theoretical Physics IIUniversity of StuttgartGermany

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