The Internal Impact and External Influence of the Greek Financial Crisis

  • John Marangos

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This contributed volume explores the political economy and socioeconomic aspects of the Greek Financial Crisis both within the country's borders and as part of the global economy. With chapters authored by international experts, this book examines and explicitly deals with specific and important issues that have been ignored by the dominant socioeconomic theory and practice, which have largely focused on the causes and broad economic consequences of the crisis. Discussions include the efficacy of new EU institutions created to address the crisis, the rise of unregistered economic activity, and comparisons with financial crises in countries beyond Europe. This diverse collection argues that the Greek Financial Crisis was not just an economic crisis, but a political and social crisis as well, one with repercussions beyond Europe.


GRFC European Unification economic adjustment program Quantitative Easing Outright Monetary Transactions default social partnership unofficial economy tax compliance defense budget conditionality

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