Post-Trial Access to Drugs in Developing Nations

Global Health Justice

  • Evaristus Chiedu Obi

Part of the Advancing Global Bioethics book series (AGBIO, volume 7)

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About this book


This book begins the discourse on post-trial access to drugs in developing countries. Underlying ethical issues in global health inequalities and global health research serve as the context of the debate. Due to rampant allegations of violations of rights of research participants, especially in developing countries, it discusses the regulatory infrastructure and ethical oversight of international clinical research, thus emphasizing the priority of safeguarding the rights of research participants and host populations as desiderata in conducting clinical trials in developing countries. This is the first book that analyzes the major obstacles of affordable access to drugs in developing countries – patent and non-patent factors and how they can be overcome through a middle ground approach and a new paradigm to establish global health justice which includes national and global health responsibilities. The book also deals extensively with all complex aspects of the discourse on affordable access to drugs in developing countries, including intellectual property law, international regulations, political and cultural systems, international trade agreements. Furthermore it contains a robust ethical debate and in-depth analysis. The book crafts a paradigm of global health justice involving a sliding scale of national and global responsibilities for the realization of the right to health in general and access to drugs in particular.


Rawls concept of statism TRIPS agreement clinical trials in developing countries diseases of poverty distributive justice in global research education and health global health inequalities global health research impact of aids on developing countries impact of hiv on developing countries incentivizing pharmaceutical research post-trial access to drugs post-trial access to drugs in developing nations relative income and health social class and health

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