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Biomechanics of the Human Stomach


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About this book


This book concerns the mathematical modeling and computer simulation of the human stomach. It follows the four modern P’s (prevention, prediction, personalization, and precision in medicine) approach in addressing the highly heterogeneous nature of processes underlying gastric motility disorders manifested as gastroparesis, functional dyspepsia, myenteric enteropathy etc.  The book comprehensively guides readers through the fundamental theoretical concepts to complex physiological models of the organ.  This requires a deep and thorough understanding of driving pathophysiological mechanisms as well as the collaborative effort of specialists working in fundamental and biological science. Such a multidisciplinary partnership is vital because it upholds gnostic capabilities and provides the exchange of thoughts and ideas thus offering broad perspectives into the evolution and management of diseases. The book is a valuable resource for applied mathematicians, computational biologists, bioengineers, physicians, physiologists and researchers working in various fields of biomedicine.


Human stomach Biomechanics Mathematical modeling Computer simulations Gastrointestinal Physiology

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  1. 1.Computational Biology and Medicine CentreArabian Gulf UniversityManamaBahrain

About the authors

Professor Dr. Roustem Miftahof, MD, PhD, DSc is the Chair of Computational Biology and Medicine Centre in the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences at Arabian Gulf University in Manama, Bahrain. He earned the Doctor of Medicine degree with Honors in 1980 and the degree in Applied Mathematics with Honors in 1981. His PhD in Mathematical and Physical Sciences was related to Numerical simulation of stress-strain distribution in the human stomach and his DSc in Technical Sciences (post-habilitation dissertation) was on Peristaltic waves in biological shells

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“If you are a researcher seeking to develop or apply a computational model of the human stomach, this book would certainly make a great first (or second) point of reference.” (Anita T. Layton, SIAM Review, Vol. 61 (1), March, 2019)