Digesting Femininities

The Feminist Politics of Contemporary Food Culture

  • Natalie Jovanovski

About this book


This volume addresses how the rhetoric of feminist empowerment has been combined with mainstream representations of food, thus creating a cultural consciousness around food and eating that is unmistakably pathological. Throughout, Natalie Jovanovski discusses key texts written by women, for women: best-selling diet books, popular cookbooks produced by female food celebrities, and iconic feminist self-help texts. This is the first book to engage in a feminist analysis of body-policing food trends that focus specifically on the use of feminist rhetoric as a harmful aspect of food culture. There is a smorgasbord of seemingly diverse gender roles for women to choose from, but many encourage breaking gender norms and embracing a love of food while perpetuating old narratives of guilt and restraint. Digesting Femininities problematizes the gendering of food and eating and challenges the reader to imagine what a genderless and emancipatory food culture would look like.


Body-Centrism Femininities Feminism Pathogenic Food Consciousness Neoliberalism Genderless Food Food and gender Feminist Research Feminist politics Food culture Gendered cookbooks Gender and dieting Body-policing Food messaging Feminist empowerment Feminist activism

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  • Natalie Jovanovski
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