Improving the Profitability, Sustainability and Efficiency of Nutrients Through Site Specific Fertilizer Recommendations in West Africa Agro-Ecosystems

Volume 2

  • Andre Bationo
  • Djimasbé Ngaradoum
  • Sansan Youl
  • Francois Lompo
  • Joseph Opoku Fening

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Sido Amir, Addam Kiari Saidou, Ichaou Aboubacar, Salou Moussa
    Pages 37-47
  3. E. Yeboah, M. K. Abekoe, G. N. N. Dowuona, B. Vanlauwe, S. P. Sohi, J. W. Six
    Pages 49-62
  4. Pierre G. Tovihoudji, P. B. Irénikatché Akponikpè, André Adjogboto, Jonas A. Djenontin, Euloge K. Agbossou, Charles L. Bielders
    Pages 63-89
  5. A. M. Igué, I. Balogoun, A. Saidou, A. C. Oga, G. Ezui, S. Youl et al.
    Pages 105-123
  6. Kodjovi Senam Ezui, Peter A. Leffelaar, Angelinus C. Franke, Abdoulaye Mando, Ken E. Giller
    Pages 125-138
  7. F. M. Tetteh, S. A. Ennim, R. N. Issaka, M. Buri, B. A. K. Ahiabor, J. O. Fening
    Pages 161-184
  8. Ibrahim Jamilou Salissou, Saidou Addam Kiari, Sabiou Mahamane, Amadou Abdourhamane Toure, Bouba Hassane
    Pages 185-193
  9. Idriss Serme, Korodjouma Ouattara, Isabelle Orokya Traore, Souleymane Ouedraogo, Sansan Youl, Badiori Ouattara et al.
    Pages 195-214
  10. Aliou Saïdou, I. Balogoun, E. L. Ahoton, A. M. Igué, S. Youl, G. Ezui et al.
    Pages 215-234
  11. Idriss Serme, Korodjouma Ouattara, Dieudonné Ouattara, Souleymane Ouedraogo, Sansan Youl, Charles Wortmann
    Pages 235-248
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 311-313

About this book


Improving fertilizer recommendations for increased return from fertilizer investments and optimized crop response to fertilizer has been a major area of investigation of IFDC. Since 2008, IFDC through its Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program has partnered with national agricultural research services to undertake research, development and extensive on-farm trials in various agroecosystems in West Africa to develop site specific fertilizer recommendations for crops. Validation trials have been conducted in many countries (Benin (maize, cassava), Burkina (rice, maize and sorghum) Ghana (maize, cocoa and cassava) and Togo (maize and cassava). However, these fertilizer recommendation data remain scattered and most of them need final statistical analysis before they can be fully utilized and/or scaled out. As part of its efforts to improve fertilizer use and efficiency in West Africa, and following the recent adoption of the West African fertilizer recommendation action plan (RAP) by ECOWAS, IFDC has taken technical lead with key partner institutions and experts to build on previous and current fertilizer recommendations for various crops and countries in West Africa for wider uptake by public policy makers and fertilizer industry actors.


Natural Resource Management national agricultural research services West African fertilizer recommendation action plan cassava, maize, rice, sorghum cocoa, oil palm, tomatoes, legumes

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