Analytics and Data Science

Advances in Research and Pedagogy

  • Amit V. Deokar
  • Ashish Gupta
  • Lakshmi S. Iyer
  • Mary C. Jones

Part of the Annals of Information Systems book series (AOIS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Amit V. Deokar, Ashish Gupta, Lakshmi S. Iyer, Mary C. Jones
    Pages 1-5
  3. Anna Sidorova, Babita Gupta, Barbara Dinter
    Pages 7-13
  4. Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan, Jiban Khuntia, Abhishek Kathuria, Terence J. V. Saldanha
    Pages 15-27
  5. Torupallab Ghoshal, Rudolph T. Bedeley, Lakshmi S. Iyer, Joyendu Bhadury
    Pages 41-54
  6. Paul P. Dooley, Yair Levy, Raymond A. Hackney, James L. Parrish
    Pages 55-78
  7. Yutong Song, David Arnott, Shijia Gao
    Pages 79-94
  8. Zhilei Qiao, G. Alan Wang, Mi Zhou, Weiguo Fan
    Pages 95-110
  9. Juheng Zhang
    Pages 111-118
  10. Meng-Hsien (Jenny) Lin, Samantha N. N. Cross, William Jones, Terry L. Childers
    Pages 197-216
  11. Simon Alfano, Nicolas Pröllochs, Stefan Feuerriegel, Dirk Neumann
    Pages 217-221
  12. Nicholas Evangelopoulos, Joseph W. Clark, Sule Balkan
    Pages 223-226
  13. Christoph Kollwitz, Barbara Dinter, Robert Krawatzeck
    Pages 227-250
  14. Brian R. Huguenard, Deborah J. Ballou
    Pages 251-263

About this book


Chapter 1. Exploring the Analytics Frontiers through Research and Pedagogy

Amit V. Deokar, Ashish Gupta, Lakshmi Iyer, and Mary C. Jones 

Chapter 2. Introduction: Research and Research-in-Progress

Anna Sidorova, Babita Gupta, and Barbara Dinter 

Chapter 3. Business Intelligence Capabilities

Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan, Jiban Khuntia, Terence Saldanha, and Abhishek Kathuria 

Chapter 4.Big Data Capabilities: An Organizational Information Processing Perspective


Chapter 5. Business Analytics Capabilities and Use: A Value Chain Perspective

Rudolph T. Bedeley, TorupallabGhoshal, Lakshmi S. Iyer, and JoyenduBhadury 

Chapter 6.Critical Value Factors in Business Intelligence Systems Implementations

Paul P. Dooley, Yair Levy, Raymond A. Hackney, and James L. Parrish 

Chapter 7. Business Intelligence Systems Use in Chinese Organizations

Yutong Song, David Arnott, and ShijiaGao 

Chapter 8. The Impact of Customer Reviews on Product Innovation: Empirical Evidence in Mobile Apps

Zhilei Qiao, G. Alan Wang, Mi Zhou, and Weiguo Fan 

Chapter 9. Whispering on Social Media

Juheng Zhang 

Chapter 10. Does Social Media Reflect Metropolitan Attractiveness? Behavioral Information from Twitter Activity in Urban Areas

Johannes Bendler, Tobias Brandt, and Dirk Neumann 

Chapter 11. The Competitive Landscape of Mobile Communications Industry in Canada – Predictive Analytic Modeling with Google Trends and Twitter

Michal Szczech and OzgurTuretken 

Chapter 12. Scale Development Using Twitter Data: Applying Contemporary Natural Language Processing Methods in IS Research

David Agogo and Traci J. Hess 

Chapter 13. Information Privacy on Online Social Networks: Illusion-in-Progress in the Age of Big Data?

Shwadhin Sharma and Babita Gupta

Chapter 14. Online Information Processing of Scent-Related Words and Implications for Decision Making

Meng-Hsien (Jenny) Lin, Samantha N.N. Cross, William J. Jones, and Terry L. Childers 

Chapter 15. Say It Right: IS Prototype to Enable Evidence-Based Communication Using Big Data

Simon Alfano 

Chapter 16. Introduction: Pedagogy in Analytics and Data Science

Nicholas Evangelopoulos, Joseph W. Clark, and Sule Balkan 

Chapter 17. Tools for Academic Business Intelligence & Analytics Teaching – Results of an Evaluation

Christoph Kollwitz, Barbara Dinter, and Robert Krawatzeck 

Chapter 18. Neural Net Tutorial

Brian R. Huguenard, and Deborah J. Ballou 

Chapter 19. An Examination of ERP Learning Outcomes: A Text Mining Approach

Mary M. Dunaway 

Chapter 20. Data Science for All: A University-Wide Course in Data Literacy

David Schuff


Analytics and Data Science (A&DS) Analytics Data Science Supply Chain Analytics Data Mining Data Management Big Data Business Analytics

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  • Ashish Gupta
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  • Lakshmi S. Iyer
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  • Mary C. Jones
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