Art and Politics under Modern Dictatorships

A Comparison of Chile and Romania

  • Caterina Preda

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This book analyzes the relationship between art and politics in two contrasting modern dictatorships. Through a detailed look at the Chilean and Romanian dictatorships, it compares the different ways in which political regimes convey their view of the world through artistic means. It examines how artists help \ convey a new understanding of politics and political action during repressive regimes that are inspired by either communism or anti-communism (neoliberalism, traditionalist, conservative). This book demonstrates how artistic renderings of life during dictatorships are similar in more than one respect, and how art can help better grasp the similarities of these regimes. It reveals how dictatorships use art to symbolically construct their power, which artists can consolidate by lending their support, or deconstruct through different forms of artistic resistance.


Chile Romania Nicolae Ceausescu Augusto Pinochet Dictatorships Art Artists Art and Politics Political Theory Theory of Art Art History Eastern Europe South America Latin America

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