Psychrophiles: From Biodiversity to Biotechnology

  • Rosa Margesin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Boundary Conditions for Microbial Life in the Cold

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Michael Kuhn, Andrew G. Fountain
      Pages 3-20
  3. Microbial Diversity and Activity in Cold Ecosystems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 39-39
    2. Lewis Cuthbertson, David A. Pearce
      Pages 41-55
    3. Arwyn Edwards, Karen A. Cameron
      Pages 57-81
    4. Amanda M. Achberger, Alexander B. Michaud, Trista J. Vick-Majors, Brent C. Christner, Mark L. Skidmore, John C. Priscu et al.
      Pages 83-110
    5. Sara M. E. Rassner
      Pages 111-131
    6. Ianina Altshuler, Jacqueline Goordial, Lyle G. Whyte
      Pages 153-179
    7. Anne D. Jungblut, Warwick F. Vincent
      Pages 181-206
  4. Molecular and Physiological Adaptations to Cold Habitats

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-207
    2. Tony Collins, Charles Gerday
      Pages 209-235
    3. Hidehisa Kawahara
      Pages 237-257
    4. Maria Michela Corsaro, Angela Casillo, Ermenegilda Parrilli, Maria Luisa Tutino
      Pages 285-303
    5. Amanda Hopes, David N. Thomas, Thomas Mock
      Pages 305-344
    6. John P. Bowman
      Pages 345-387
    7. Habibu Aliyu, Pieter De Maayer, Sara Sjöling, Donald A. Cowan
      Pages 389-421
    8. Jun Kawamoto, Tatsuo Kurihara, Nobuyoshi Esaki
      Pages 423-435
  5. Biotechnological Perspectives

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 459-459
    2. Mário Barroca, Gustavo Santos, Charles Gerday, Tony Collins
      Pages 461-475
    3. Khawar Sohail Siddiqui, Ahsan Mushir Shemsi, Gea Guerriero, Tahria Najnin, Taha, Haluk Ertan
      Pages 477-512
    4. Ermenegilda Parrilli, Maria Luisa Tutino
      Pages 513-525
    5. Erik Borchert, Stephen A. Jackson, Fergal O’Gara, Alan D. W. Dobson
      Pages 527-540
    6. Anatoli Brouchkov, Vladimir Melnikov, Ludmila Kalenova, Oksana Fursova, Gennady Pogorelko, Vasiliy Potapov et al.
      Pages 541-554
    7. Giorgia Tasselli, Sara Filippucci, Ciro Sannino, Benedetta Turchetti, Pietro Buzzini
      Pages 555-584
    8. Jana Kvíderová, Satya P. Shukla, Benjamin Pushparaj, Josef Elster
      Pages 585-600
    9. Odd Gunnar Brakstad, Synnøve Lofthus, Deni Ribicic, Roman Netzer
      Pages 613-644
    10. Kim Yrjälä, Timo P. Sipilä, Shinjini Mukherjee
      Pages 661-685

About this book


This completely updated and revised second edition presents the most recent developments and advances in the field of microbial life in the cold, as well as the latest insights into the psychrophilic lifestyle. It particularly focuses on the exploitation of psychrophiles as a source of cold-active enzymes and biopolymers, and their benefits in the fields of biomedicine and bioremediation.
Written by leading international experts, the book is intended for microbiologists, ecologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, environmental scientists and biotechnologists in academia and industry.


Extremophiles Cold adaptation Psychrophilic lifestyle Cold-active enzyme Cold ecosystem Aeromicrobiology Supraglacial environments Glacial environments Permafrost Polar ecosystems Alpine ecosystems Cryoprotectant Ice-binding protein Cold habitat Cold-adapted bacteria Polar Microalgae Cold-adapted enzyme Low-temperature biomass production

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  • Rosa Margesin
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of MicrobiologyUniversity of InnsbruckInnsbruckAustria

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