Strategic Innovative Marketing

5th IC-SIM, Athens, Greece 2016

  • Androniki Kavoura
  • Damianos P. Sakas
  • Petros Tomaras
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics book series (SPBE)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competence in Higher Education

  3. New Ways of Marketing Analytics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 23-23
    2. Jari Jussila, Mika Boedeker, Harri Jalonen, Nina Helander
      Pages 25-30
    3. Tuula Andersson, Mika Boedeker, Vilma Vuori
      Pages 31-36
    4. Nina Helander, Virpi Sillanpää, Vilma Vuori, Olavi Uusitalo
      Pages 37-42
    5. Jari Jussila, Vilma Vuori, Jussi Okkonen, Nina Helander
      Pages 43-48
  4. Development and Marketing Strategies in Innovative Technological Enterprises

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 49-49
    2. G. Zapantis, M. Skordoulis, M. Chalikias, D. Drosos, A. Papagrigoriou
      Pages 51-55
    3. G. Tsitmideli, G. Sidiropoulos, M. Chalikias, D. Drosos, P. Kalantonis
      Pages 57-61
  5. 6th Symposium on Management Challenges (IANOS): Crisis Kills or Links?

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 63-63
    2. D. Belias, E. Velissariou, A. Koustelios, K. Varsanis, D. Kyriakou, L. Sdrolias
      Pages 65-70
    3. D. Belias, E. Velissariou, A. Koustelios, K. Varsanis, D. Kyriakou, L. Sdrolias
      Pages 71-76
    4. D. Belias, D. Kyriakou, A. Koustelios, K. Varsanis, L. Sdrolias
      Pages 77-83
    5. D. Belias, A. Koustelios, K. Varsanis, D. Kyriakou, L. Sdrolias
      Pages 85-90
    6. S. D. Nikolopoulos, I. Santouridis, T. Lazaridis
      Pages 105-114
  6. 2nd Symposium on Business Modelling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 115-115
    2. Ioannis C. Drivas, Apostolos S. Sarlis, Damianos P. Sakas, Alexandros Varveris
      Pages 117-123
    3. I. C. Drivas, D. P. Sakas, C. Riziotis
      Pages 125-132
  7. 2nd Symposium on Healthcare Services: Special Aspects and Challenges in an Evolving Environment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 133-133
    2. Ioannis Karafyllis, Charalampos Platis, George Pierrakos
      Pages 143-150
    3. George Pierrakos, Dimitra Latsou, Aspasia Goula, John Pateras, John Nikolados, Charis Platis et al.
      Pages 159-164
  8. Marketing Communications in Online Communities

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 171-171
    2. Tiago Costa, Teresa Tiago, Flavio Tiago, Sandra Faria, João Couto
      Pages 173-178
    3. Theodoros Kentistos-Rannos, Prodromos D. Chatzoglou
      Pages 179-185
  9. The Role of Branding for Companies and Countries

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 187-187
    2. Martina Juříková, Josef Kocourek
      Pages 197-203
    3. Aikaterini Stavrianea, Irene Kamenidou
      Pages 205-211
    4. Artha Sejati Ananda, Ángel Hernández-Garcia, Lucio Lamberti
      Pages 221-227
    5. Zoe-Charis Belenioti, George Tsourvakas, Chris A. Vassiliadis
      Pages 229-234
    6. Alexios-Patapios Kontis, Aristeidis Gkoumas
      Pages 235-241
  10. User Generated Content and Marketing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 243-243
    2. Teresa Tiago, Flavio Tiago, Sandra Faria, João Couto
      Pages 245-250
    3. Vasiliki Amarantou, Stella Kazakopoulou, Prodromos Chatzoglou, Dimitrios Chatzoudes
      Pages 251-257
  11. Innovations on Shipping Management and Marketing

About these proceedings


This proceedings volume presents the latest on the theoretical approach of the contemporary issues evolved in strategic marketing and the integration of theory and practice. It highlights strategic research and innovative activities in marketing. The contributed chapters are concerned with using modern qualitative and quantitative techniques based on information technology used to manage and analyze business data, to discover hidden knowledge and to introduce intelligence into marketing processes. This allows for a focus on innovative applications in all aspects of marketing, of computerized technologies related to data analytics, predictive analytics and modeling, business intelligence and knowledge engineering, in order to demonstrate new ways of uncovering hidden knowledge and supporting marketing decisions with evidence-based intelligent tools.

The chapters from the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing 2016 cover areas such as social media marketing innovation, sustainable marketing, customer satisfaction strategies, customer relationship management, marketing research and analytics. The papers have been written by scientists, researchers, practitioners and students that demonstrate a special orientation in strategic marketing, all of whom aspire to be ahead of the curve based on the pillars of innovation. This proceedings volume shares their recent contributions to the field and showcases their exchange of insights on strategic issues in the science of innovation marketing.


Strategic Marketing Management Social Media Marketing Innovations in Online Marketing Marketing Technological Innovation Marketing Analytics Marketing Information Systems Digital Marketing Mobile Marketing Market Research Marketing and Electronic Commerce

Editors and affiliations

  • Androniki Kavoura
    • 1
  • Damianos P. Sakas
    • 2
  • Petros Tomaras
    • 3
  1. 1.T.E.I. of AthensAthensGreece
  2. 2.Department of Computer Science and TechnologyUniversity of PeloponneseTripoliGreece
  3. 3.T.E.I. of AthensAthensGreece

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