Digital Transformation Shaping the Subconscious Minds of Organizations

Innovative Organizations and Hybrid Intelligences

  • Werner Leodolter

About this book


This book offers a new framework for conceptualizing, managing and generally using new information and communication technologies, for example in decision support and artificial intelligence in organizations. The book supports managers to actively guide the digital transformation of an organization through its strong metaphor of the subconscious mind of organizations. By designing and developing the subconscious mind, future organizations will evolve as successful and sustainable “hybrid intelligences” with a significant share of artificial intelligence but the clear primacy of the human being.

The author draws upon the psychological aspects of decision making, taking the reader from perception to analysis, conclusions and on to decision and action. Short, lucid stories support the conceptual ideas and form three narrations about the future of manufacturing, healthcare and retail. The effects of incorporating new technologies like sensors, visual analytics, decision support, artificial intelligence and robotics are explored. The reader gains a comprehensive view on management and organizational behavior, both as it is now and expectations for the future.

This book will have wide appeal: information managers, strategists, organizational developers, management consultants and management students will find valuable support in this book which enables them to triumph in the digital transformation. The thought-provoking set of guiding principles and the ideas explored have something to offer to all those interested in the future of organizations, economics and society.


Digital Transformation Decision Making Hybrid Organizations Subconscious Mind of Organizations Organizational Behavior Rethinking Organizations Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Management

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  • Werner Leodolter
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  1. 1.Center of Entrepreneurship and Applied Business StudiesUniversity of GrazGrazAustria

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