Objects and Modalities

A Study in the Semantics of Modal Logic

  • Tero Tulenheimo

Part of the Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science book series (LEUS, volume 41)

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About this book


This book develops a novel generalization of possible world semantics, called ‘world line semantics’, which recognizes worlds and links between world-bound objects (world lines) as mutually independent aspects of modal semantics. Addressing a wide range of questions vital for contemporary debates in logic and philosophy of language and offering new tools for theoretical linguistics and knowledge representation, the book proposes a radically new paradigm in modal semantics. This framework is motivated philosophically, viewing a structure of world lines as a precondition of modal talk. The author provides a uniform analysis of quantification over individuals (physical objects) and objects of thought (intentional objects). The semantic account of what it means to speak of intentional objects throws new light on accounts of intentionality and singular thought in the philosophy of mind and offers novel insights into the semantics of intensional transitive verbs.


Cross-world Identity First-order Modal Logic Intentional Verbs Modal Semantics Mode of Individuation Non-existent Objects Objects and Modalities Quantified Modal Logic World Line World Line Semantics

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