The Ontology of Gods

An Account of Enchantment, Disenchantment, and Re-Enchantment

  • Jibu Mathew George

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About this book


This volume offers a novel philosophical thesis on the ontology of religion, and proposes a new conceptual repertoire to deal with supernatural religion.  Jibu Mathew George offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the source and dynamics of religious ideation upon which belief and faith are based, at the fundamental levels of human reasoning. Using Max Weber’s concept of  “Disenchantment of the World” as a point of departure,  this book endeavors to provide a pioneering philosophical and psychological understanding of the nature of enchantment, disenchantment, and possible re-enchantments as they pertain to the occidental cultural history in Weberian retrospect.


Disenchantment Reenchantment Religious ideation Max Weber Entzauberung God-signifier Disenchantment of the World occidental cultural history Weberian supernatural symbolic ideation

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