Cybernetics, Warfare and Discourse

The Cybernetisation of Warfare in Britain

  • Anthimos Alexandros Tsirigotis

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About this book


This book critiques mainstream beliefs about cyberwarfare and forges a new path in the way of defining this largely misunderstood concept. Rather than outlining cyberspace as a new technology applied in military operations, here, Tsirigotis rallies against this technocentric account and establishes how cyberspace, first and foremost, should be categorized as a new way to understand war and military power in the Information Age. Using genre analysis and Corpus Linguistics, the author scrutinizes how cyberspace has changed the way the UK comprehends war and military power, and how the cybernetisation of war has manifested itself in Britain's approach to national defense and security. 

‘’This book fundamentally challenges the way we have been thinking about ‘cyber’ and ‘war’. Rather than see war as a constant into which cyber weapons have been introduced, Tsirigotis asks us to contemplate the way the ideas and concepts about ‘cyber’ have fundamentally shaped the way that we think about war, security and conflict – both in practice and in the abstract’’

Madeline Carr, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Cardiff University, UK

‘’In this book, Anthimos Tsirigotis develops the important argument that cyberspace does not change so much the materiality of war, but that it is at the same time a factor and result of changing conceptualisations of social reality. This book is a timely contribution to the study of defence policy, the conceptualisation of ‘cyber’ as well as to discourse studies.’’

Melani Schroeter, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and European Studies, University of Reading, UK


Cybernetics War Military power Information Age Policy-making Security British defence

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