Smart Cards, Tokens, Security and Applications

  • Keith Mayes
  • Konstantinos Markantonakis

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxv
  2. Keith Mayes
    Pages 1-29
  3. Claus Ebner, Thomas Goetz
    Pages 31-57
  4. Konstantinos Markantonakis, Raja Naeem Akram
    Pages 59-92
  5. Keith Mayes, Tim Evans
    Pages 93-128
  6. Konstantinos Markantonakis, David Main
    Pages 129-153
  7. Allan Tomlinson, Sheila Cobourne
    Pages 155-171
  8. Allan Tomlinson
    Pages 173-191
  9. John Tierney, Tony Boswell
    Pages 193-216
  10. Michael Tunstall
    Pages 217-251
  11. Gary Waite, Keith Mayes, Raja Naeem Akram
    Pages 253-281
  12. Joos Cadonau, Danushka Jayasinghe, Sheila Cobourne
    Pages 283-304
  13. Damien Sauveron, Raja Naeem Akram, Konstantinos Markantonakis
    Pages 305-349
  14. Anjia Yang, Gerhard P. Hancke
    Pages 351-385
  15. Ingo Liersch
    Pages 387-412
  16. Chris Shire
    Pages 413-443
  17. Paul Dorey
    Pages 445-468
  18. Chris Torr, Keith Mayes
    Pages 469-496
  19. Assad Umar, Keith Mayes
    Pages 497-519
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 521-531

About this book


This book provides a broad overview of the many card systems and solutions that are in practical use today. This new edition adds content on RFIDs, embedded security, attacks and countermeasures, security evaluation, javacards, banking or payment cards, identity cards and passports, mobile systems security, and security management. A step-by-step approach educates the reader in card types, production, operating systems, commercial applications, new technologies, security design, attacks, application development, deployment and lifecycle management. By the end of the book the reader should be able to play an educated role in a smart card related project, even to programming a card application. 
This book is designed as a textbook for graduate level students in computer science. It is also as an invaluable post-graduate level reference for professionals and researchers. This volume offers insight into benefits and pitfalls of diverse industry, government, financial and logistics aspects while providing a sufficient level of technical detail to support technologists, information security specialists, engineers and researchers. 


Smart card RFID Near field communications NFC Host card emulation HCE Internet of things MULTOS Java EMV Countermeasures Common criteria Mobile communication Subscriber identity module SIM USIM Trusted platform module Identity card Trusted execution environment Over the air

Editors and affiliations

  • Keith Mayes
    • 1
  • Konstantinos Markantonakis
    • 2
  1. 1.Director of the Information Security Group, Head of the School of Mathematics and Information SecurityRoyal Holloway, University of LondonEghamUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Smart Card Centre, Information Security GroupRoyal Holloway, University of LondonEghamUnited Kingdom

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