Candida albicans: Cellular and Molecular Biology

  • Rajendra Prasad

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Rajendra Prasad
    Pages 1-4
  3. Priya Uppuluri, Afshin Khan, John E. Edwards
    Pages 5-23
  4. Rachna Singh, Arunaloke Chakrabarti
    Pages 25-40
  5. David Kadosh
    Pages 41-62
  6. Priya Uppuluri, Jose Luis Lopez Ribot
    Pages 63-75
  7. David R. Andes
    Pages 93-113
  8. Patrick Van Dijck, Mary Ann Jabra-Rizk
    Pages 115-143
  9. Mark H. T. Stappers, Gordon D. Brown
    Pages 145-183
  10. Joachim F. Ernst, Marc Swidergall
    Pages 185-203
  11. Christophe d’Enfert, Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux, Adeline Feri, Mélanie Legrand, Raphaël Loll-Krippleber, Timea Marton et al.
    Pages 205-232
  12. Lakshmi Sreekumar, Neha Varshney, Kaustuv Sanyal
    Pages 233-251
  13. Saranna Fanning, Aaron P. Mitchell
    Pages 253-269
  14. Dominique Sanglard
    Pages 287-311
  15. Chibuike Ibe, Louise A. Walker, Neil A. R. Gow, Carol A. Munro
    Pages 313-346
  16. Manjit Kumar Srivastav, Remya Nair, Krishnamurthy Natarajan
    Pages 347-378
  17. Erwin Lamping, Golnoush Madani, Hee Ji Lee, Masakazu Niimi, Richard D. Cannon
    Pages 379-406
  18. Joachim Morschhäuser
    Pages 407-415
  19. Rajendra Prasad, Sudhanshu Shukla, Ashutosh Singh
    Pages 417-428
  20. Sławomir Milewski
    Pages 429-469
  21. David S. Perlin
    Pages 471-489

About this book


This book on Candida albicans and similar pathogens provides a timely overview of the groundbreaking discoveries made in the areas of drug resistance, host–pathogen interactions, virulence, host immune system modulation, etc., in the last two decades.

 This comprehensive 2nd Edition includes chapters on fungal infections, hyphal morphogenesis, molecular mechanisms of antifungal resistance, antifungal agents, multidrug transporters, virulence mechanisms in Candida albicans, host–pathogen interactions, the cell wall, fungal biofilms, lipids and antifungal resistance, signaling mechanisms and last but not the least host-immune responses. As such, it offers an ideal reference guide for mycologists, researchers, pharmacists, clinicians, and undergraduate students engaged or interested in fungal research. It will also benefit clinicians, who are required to keep abreast of the current state of research on antifungal drug resistance and antifungal development.


Fungal Infections Candida Species Biofilm Development Drug Resistance Multi-drug Transporter Fungal Resistance

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  • Rajendra Prasad
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  1. 1.Amity Institute of Integrative Sciences and Health and Amity Institute of BiotechnologyAmity Institute of Integrative Sciences and Health and Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University HaryanaGurgaonIndia

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