Plant Aquaporins

From Transport to Signaling

  • François Chaumont
  • Stephen D. Tyerman

Part of the Signaling and Communication in Plants book series (SIGCOMM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Cintia Jozefkowicz, Marie C. Berny, François Chaumont, Karina Alleva
    Pages 29-46
  3. Junpei Takano, Akira Yoshinari, Doan-Trung Luu
    Pages 47-81
  4. Véronique Santoni
    Pages 83-105
  5. Wieland Fricke, Thorsten Knipfer
    Pages 107-131
  6. Gregory A. Gambetta, Thorsten Knipfer, Wieland Fricke, Andrew J. McElrone
    Pages 133-153
  7. Christophe Maurel, Karine Prado
    Pages 155-165
  8. Charles Hachez, Thomas Milhiet, Robert B. Heinen, François Chaumont
    Pages 167-183
  9. Nir Sade, Menachem Moshelion
    Pages 185-206
  10. Stephen D. Tyerman, Jonathan A. Wignes, Brent N. Kaiser
    Pages 207-236
  11. Maciej A. Zwieniecki, Francesca Secchi
    Pages 237-254
  12. Norbert Uehlein, Lei Kai, Ralf Kaldenhoff
    Pages 255-265
  13. Daniel M. Roberts, Pratyush Routray
    Pages 267-296
  14. Manuela Désirée Bienert, Gerd Patrick Bienert
    Pages 297-332

About this book


Aquaporins are channel proteins that facilitate the diffusion of water and small uncharged solutes across cellular membranes. Plant aquaporins form a large family of highly divergent proteins that are involved in many different physiological processes. This book will summarize the recent advances regarding plant aquaporins, their phylogeny, structure, substrate specificity, mechanisms of regulation and roles in various important physiological processes related to the control of water flow and small solute distribution at the cell, tissue and plant level in an ever-changing environment.


major intrinsic proteins (MIP) membrane proteins plasma membrane pore vacuolar membrane water channel water transport

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  • François Chaumont
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  • Stephen D. Tyerman
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  1. 1.Institut des Sciences de la VieUniversité catholique de LouvainLouvain-la-NeuveBelgium
  2. 2.School of Agriculture, Food and WineUniversity of AdelaideAdelaideAustralia

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