Magnesium Technology 2011

  • Wim H. Sillekens
  • Sean R. Agnew
  • Neale R. Neelameggham
  • Suveen N. Mathaudhu

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Opening Session

  3. Primary Production; Characterization and Mechanical Performance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. Shaohua Yang, Fengli Yang, Xianwei Hu, Zhaowen Wang, Zhongning Shi, Bingliang Gao
      Pages 35-37
    3. E. Gratz, S. Pati, J. Milshtein, A. Powell, U. Pal
      Pages 39-42
    4. Young-Min Kim, Sazol Kumar Das, Manas Paliwal, In-Ho Jung
      Pages 49-53
    5. J. B. Jordon, J. B. Gibson, M. F. Horstemeyer
      Pages 55-60
    6. Luke Rettberg, Warwick Anderson, J. Wayne Jones
      Pages 61-66
    7. J. D. Bernard, J. B. Jordon, M. F. Horstemeyer
      Pages 67-72
    8. Kazutaka Okamoto, Masato Sasaki, Norikazu Takahashi, Qudong Wang, Yan Gao, Dongdi Yin et al.
      Pages 73-78
    9. M. Fletcher, L. Bichler, D. Sediako, R. Klassen
      Pages 79-83
  4. Casting and Solidification

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 91-91
    2. K. D. Carlson, C. Beckermann, J. Jekl, R. Berkmortel
      Pages 93-100
    3. Morteza Amoorezaei, Sebastian Gurevich, Nikolas Provatas
      Pages 101-105
    4. Yuichiro Murakami, Naoki Omura, Mingjun Li, Takuya Tamura, Shuji Tada, Kenji Miwa
      Pages 107-112
    5. M. A. Salgado-Ordorica, W. Punessen, S. Yi, J. Bohlen, K. U. Kainer, N. Hort
      Pages 113-118
    6. Le Zhou, Yuanding Huang, Pingli Mao, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Zheng Liu, Norbert Hort
      Pages 125-130
    7. W.-J. Park, J. J. Kim, I. J. Kim, D. Choo
      Pages 143-146
    8. Joon-Pyo Park, Myoung-Gyun Kim, Jong-Ho Kim, Gyu-Chang Lee
      Pages 151-154
  5. Alloy Design/Development; Grain Refinement and Severe Plastic Deformation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. S. Zhang, G. Y. Yuan, C. Lu, W. J. Ding
      Pages 157-159
    3. Xiaoyu Kang, Alan A. Luo, Penghuai Fu, Zhenzhen Li, Tianyu Zhu, Liming Peng et al.
      Pages 161-165
    4. Mark A. Easton, Suming Zhu, Mark A. Gibson, Jian-Feng Nie, Joachim Gröbner, Artem Kozlov et al.
      Pages 167-167
    5. K. P. Rao, Y. V. R. K. Prasad, K. Suresh, C. Dharmendra, N. Hort, K. U. Kainer
      Pages 169-174
    6. D Randman, B Davis, M L Alderman, G Muralidharan, T R Muth, W H Peter et al.
      Pages 187-193
    7. L. B. Tong, M. Y. Zheng, S. W. Xu, P. Song, K. Wu, S. Kamado
      Pages 195-198
    8. Q. Yang, S. Mironov, Y. S. Sato, K. Okamoto
      Pages 199-203
    9. Toshiji Mukai, Hidetoshi Somekawa, Alok Singh, Tadanobu Inoue
      Pages 211-214
  6. High-Temperature Alloys; High-Strength Alloys; Precipitation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 215-215
    2. Jessica R. TerBush, Olivia H. Chen, J. Wayne Jones, Tresa M. Pollock
      Pages 217-222
    3. T. Homma, S. Nakawaki, K. Oh-ishi, K. Hono, S. Kamado
      Pages 223-226
    4. Mark Gibson, Xi-Ya Fang, Colleen Bettles, Christopher Hutchinson
      Pages 227-228

About this book


The Magnesium Technology Symposium, which takes place every year at the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, is one of the largest yearly gatherings of magnesium specialists in the world. Papers are presented in all aspects of the field, ranging from primary production to applications to recycling. Moreover, papers explore everything from basic research findings to industrialization. Magnesium Technology 2011 covers a broad spectrum of current topics, including alloys and their properties; cast products and processing; wrought products and processing; forming, joining, and machining; corrosion and surface finishing; ecology; and structural applications. In addition, you'll find coverage of new and emerging applications in such areas as biomedicine and hydrogen storage.


magnesium technology cast products processing corrosion surface finishing

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  • Sean R. Agnew
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  • Neale R. Neelameggham
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  • Suveen N. Mathaudhu
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