Essential Readings in Light Metals

Volume 4 Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production

  • Alan Tomsett
  • John Johnson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Hall-Héroult Cell Carbon Anodes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Raw Materials: Coke

      1. Bernie Vitchus, Frank Cannova, Howard Childs
        Pages 3-10
      2. Paul J. Rhedey, Denis DuTremblay
        Pages 11-18
      3. P. J. Rhedey, S. K. Nadkarni
        Pages 19-23
      4. Ulrich Mannweiler, Wolfgang Schmidt-Hatting, Domingo Rodriguez, Alex Maitland
        Pages 30-35
      5. Les Edwards, Franz Vogt, Mike Robinette, Ric Love, Anthony Ross, Marilou McClung et al.
        Pages 36-41
      6. S. S. Jones, R. D. Hildebrandt, M. C. Hedlund
        Pages 42-52
      7. P. J. Rhedey, S. K. Nadkarni
        Pages 53-58
      8. Edward E. Hardin, Paul J. Ellis, Craig L. Beilharz, Lester McCoy
        Pages 73-83
      9. Christian Dreyer, Bernard Samanos, Franz Vogt
        Pages 93-100
      10. Jérémie Lhuissier, Laïlah Bezamanifary, Magali Gendre, Marie-Josée Chollier
        Pages 109-113
      11. P. J. Rhedey
        Pages 114-118
      12. Ron M. Garbarino, Robert T. Tonti
        Pages 119-122
      13. Sheralyn M. Hume, Werner K. Fischer, Raymond C. Perruchoud, James B. Metson, R. Terry K. Baker
        Pages 123-129
      14. Les Charles Edwards, Keith J. Neyrey, Lorentz Petter Lossius
        Pages 130-135
      15. Lorentz Petter Lossius, Keith J. Neyrey, Les Charles Edwards
        Pages 136-141
      16. Angelique Adams, Roy Cahill, Yves Belzile, Katie Cantin, Michel Gendron
        Pages 142-147
      17. Michel Gendron, Stephen Whelan, Katie Cantin
        Pages 163-166
    3. Raw Materials: Pitch

      1. Raymond C. Perruchoud, Markus W. Meier, Werner Fischer
        Pages 167-176
      2. John T. Baron, Stacey A. McKinney, Robert H. Wombles
        Pages 177-181
      3. S. S. Jones, R. D. Hildebrandt
        Pages 182-197
      4. S. S. Jones, E. F. Bart
        Pages 198-214
      5. Robert H. Wombles, Melvin D. Kiser
        Pages 246-250
    4. Raw Materials: Spent Carbon

      1. W. Schmidt-Hatting, A. A. Kooijman, R. Perruchoud
        Pages 251-266
      2. Werner K. Fischer, Raymond C. Perruchoud
        Pages 267-270
    5. Raw Material and Anode Characterization

      1. O. Bowitz, T. Eftestol, R. A. Selvik
        Pages 271-280
      2. G. J. Houston, H. A. Øye
        Pages 290-297
    6. Green Anode Production

      1. Richard W. Peterson
        Pages 307-312
      2. P. Stokka, I. Skogland
        Pages 313-317
      3. Francisco E. O. Figueiredo, Ciro R. Kato, Aluisio S. Nascimento, Alberto O. F. Marques, Paulo Miotto
        Pages 318-321
      4. Kirstine L. Hulse, Raymond C. Perruchoud, Werner K. Fischer, Barry J. Welch
        Pages 322-327
      5. Eystein Sandvik, Rolf Blindheim, Harald M. Bø
        Pages 339-350
      6. Werner K. Fischer, Markus W. Meier, Mauriz W. Lustenberger
        Pages 351-357

About this book


This compilation is the most comprehensive historical collection of papers written on primary aluminum science and technology. It is a definitive reference in the field of aluminum production and related light metals technologies and contains a strong mix of materials science and practical, applied technology. Written for materials scientists and engineers, metallurgists, mechanical engineers, aerospace and automobile engineers, electrical and electronics engineers, this volume is a valuable resource for the global aluminum and light metals industries.


light metals aluminum alloys aluminum reduction cast shop electrode technology

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