Essential Readings in Light Metals

Volume 1 Alumina and Bauxite

  • Don Donaldson
  • Benny E. Raahauge

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Bauxite

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. H. R. Hose
      Pages 21-29
    3. Károly Solymár, Ferenc Mádai, Dimitri Papanastassiou
      Pages 37-42
    4. Desmond Lawson, Ab Rijkeboer, Lawrence J. Andermann Jr., Austin Mooney
      Pages 48-53
    5. IAI, BAC, Christian Wagner
      Pages 54-59
    6. Patrick R. Atkins, Chris Bayliss, Sam Ward
      Pages 60-65
    7. Ramesh L. Gandhi, Jay Norwood, Yueguang Che
      Pages 70-74
    8. PSI, Ramesh Gandhi, Mike Weston, Maru Talavera, CVRD, Geraldo Pereira Brittes et al.
      Pages 75-80
    9. Back Matter
      Pages 81-81
  3. Bayer Process

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 83-83
    2. Bayer Process Design

      1. Ivan Anich, Tony Bagshaw, Nancy Margolis, Mike Skillingberg
        Pages 94-99
      2. A. N. Adamson, E. J. Bloore, A. R. Carr
        Pages 100-117
      3. Daniel Thomas, Benyan Pei
        Pages 118-123
      4. A. Duncan, M. Groemping, B. Welch, H. Muller-Steinhagen
        Pages 124-131
    3. Physical Data

    4. Calcium Chemistry

      1. N. T. Chaplin
        Pages 202-209
      2. Steven P Rosenberg, Darrel J Wilson, Catherine A Heath
        Pages 210-216
      3. Robert C. Young
        Pages 217-227
      4. Steven P. Rosenberg, Lyndon Armstrong
        Pages 235-239
    5. Silica Chemistry

      1. G. I. D. Roach, A. J. White
        Pages 240-246
      2. A. Damaskin, A. Suss, A. Panov, I. Paromova, N. Kuznetzova, N. Kutkova et al.
        Pages 263-267
    6. Organic Removal

      1. J. D. Guthrie, P. J. The, W. D. Imbrogno
        Pages 268-277
      2. B. Gnyra, G. Lever
        Pages 278-283
      3. Jose G. Pulpeiro, Liam Fleming, Bryan Hiscox, Jens Fenger, Benny E. Raahauge
        Pages 284-290
      4. Gervais Soucy, Jacques E. Larocque, Guy Forté
        Pages 291-296
      5. B. J. Foster, M. L. Roberson
        Pages 297-303
      6. Dr. W. Arnswald, H. G. Kaltenberg, E. Guhl
        Pages 304-308
      7. J. G. F. Pulpeiro, M. Gayol, H. Boily, A. N. Carruthers, B. A. Hiscox, J. Fenger et al.
        Pages 309-313
      8. Valérie Esquerre, Philippe Clerin, Benoît Cristol
        Pages 320-324
    7. Back Matter
      Pages 325-328
  4. Digestion

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 329-329

About this book


ONE OF A FOUR-BOOK COLLECTION SPOTLIGHTING CLASSIC ARTICLES Five decades of landmark original research findings and reviews Highlighting some of the most important findings reported over the past five decades, this volume features some of the best technical papers published on alumina and bauxite from 1963 to 2011. Papers have been divided into thirteen subject sections for ease of access. Each section has a brief introduction and a list of recommended articles for researchers interested in exploring each subject in greater depth. Only about fifteen percent of the alumina and bauxite papers ever published in Light Metals were chosen for this volume. Selection was based on a rigorous review process. Among the papers, readers will find landmark original research findings and expert reviews summarizing current thinking on key topics at the time of publication. From basic research to advanced applications, the articles published in this volume collectively represent our body of knowledge in alumina and bauxite. Students, scientists, and engineers should turn to this volume to discover the historical development of alumina and bauxite research as well as the current state of the science and the technology. Moreover, the papers published in this volume will serve as a springboard for future research and discoveries.


materials science light metals alumnia and bauxite aluminum alloys aluminum reduction

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  • Don Donaldson
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  • Benny E. Raahauge
    • 2
  1. 1.Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical CorporationUSA
  2. 2.Minerals Processing DivisionFLSmidthDenmark

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