Essential Readings in Light Metals

Volume 2 Aluminum Reduction Technology

  • Geoff Bearne
  • Marc Dupuis
  • Gary Tarcy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Fundamentals

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Overview

      1. Warren E. Haupin
        Pages 3-11
    3. Bath Properties

      1. K. Yoshida, E. W. Dewing
        Pages 12-18
      2. T. Hertzberg, K. Tørklep, H. A. Øye
        Pages 19-24
      3. R. Ødegård, Å. Sterten, J. Thonstad
        Pages 39-48
      4. Xiangwen Wang, Ray D. Peterson, Nolan E. Richards
        Pages 49-56
      5. Xiangwen Wang, Ray D. Peterson, Alton T. Tabereaux
        Pages 57-64
      6. A. Solheim, S. Rolseth, E. Skybakmoen, L. Støen, Å. Sterten, T. Støre
        Pages 73-82
    4. Unconventional Bath

    5. Alumina Dissolution

      1. J. Thonstad, A. Solheim, S. Rolseth, O. Skar
        Pages 105-111
    6. Anode Effect Mechanism

      1. Qiu Zhu-Xian, Wei Ching-Bin, Chang Ming-Ji
        Pages 119-126
      2. T. Utigard, J. M. Toguri, S. W. Ip
        Pages 127-130
      3. J. Thonstad, T. A. Utigard, H. Vogt
        Pages 131-138
    7. Energy and Voltage Breakdown

      1. B. J. Welch, N. E. Richards
        Pages 139-146
      2. Warren E. Haupin
        Pages 147-152
      3. Warren Haupin
        Pages 153-159
      4. Warren Haupin, Halvor Kvande
        Pages 160-165
      5. Henrik Gudbrandsen, Nolan Richards, Sverre Rolseth, Jomar Thonstad
        Pages 166-171
    8. Current Efficiency

      1. B. Lillebuen, Th. Mellerud
        Pages 172-176
      2. Michel J. Leroy, Theodoros Pelekis, Jean-Michel Jolas
        Pages 177-180
      3. Fiona J. Stevens, Weidong Zhang, Mark P. Taylor, John J. J. Chen
        Pages 188-194
      4. P. A. Solli, T. Haarberg, T. Eggen, E. Skybakmoen, Å. Sterten
        Pages 195-203
      5. Mark M. R. Dorreen, Margaret M. Hyland, Barry J. Welch
        Pages 204-210
      6. G. P. Tarcy, K. Tørklep
        Pages 211-216
    9. Physical Properties

      1. Pierre-Yves Geay, Barry J. Welch, Pierre Homsi
        Pages 222-228
      2. Elin Haugland, Geir Martin Haarberg, Elke Thisted, Jomar Thonstad
        Pages 229-233
    10. Cell Studies

      1. W. E. Haupin, W. C. McGrew
        Pages 234-239
      2. Brian F. Bradley, Ernest W. Dewing, John N. Rogers
        Pages 251-256
      3. Marianne Jensen, Tor Bjarne Pedersen, Kjell Kalgraf
        Pages 265-268
    11. Back Matter
      Pages 269-271
  3. Modeling

About this book


ONE OF A FOUR-BOOK COLLECTION SPOTLIGHTING CLASSIC ARTICLES Landmark research findings and reviews in aluminum reduction technology Highlighting some of the most important findings and insights reported over the past five decades, this volume features many of the best original research papers and reviews on aluminum reduction technology published from 1963 to 2011. Papers have been organized into seven themes: 1. Fundamentals 2. Modeling 3. Design 4. Operations 5. Control 6. Environmental 7. Alternative processes The first six themes deal with conventional Hall-Héroult electrolytic reduction technology, whereas the last theme features papers dedicated to nonconventional processes. Each section begins with a brief introduction and ends with a list of recommended articles for further reading, enabling researchers to explore each subject in greater depth. The papers for this volume were selected from among some 1,500 Light Metals articles. Selection was based on a rigorous review process. Among the papers, readers will find breakthroughs in science as well as papers that have had a major impact on technology. In addition, there are expert reviews summarizing our understanding of key topics at the time of publication. From basic research to advanced applications, the articles published in this volume collectively represent a complete overview of aluminum reduction technology. It will enable students, scientists, and engineers to trace the history of aluminum reduction technology and bring themselves up to date with the current state of the technology.

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  • Geoff Bearne
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  • Marc Dupuis
  • Gary Tarcy
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