Friction Stir Welding and Processing VII

  • Rajiv Mishra
  • Murray W. Mahoney
  • Yutaka Sato
  • Yuri Hovanski
  • Ravi Verma

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Friction Stir Processing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Brian Thompson, Kevin Doherty, Jianqing Su, Rajiv Mishra
      Pages 9-19
    3. Mageshwari Komarasamy, Rajiv S. Mishra, John A. Baumann, Glenn Grant, Yuri Hovanski
      Pages 39-46
  3. Friction Stir Welding: High Temperature Materials — I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. Stephen Cater, Jonathan Martin, Alexander Galloway, Norman McPherson
      Pages 49-58
    3. Murray Mahoney, Sam Sanderson, Zhili Feng, Russell Steel, Scott Packer, Dale Fleck
      Pages 59-69
    4. Garth W. Young, William C. Stewart, Murray W. Mahoney, Russell Steel, Jon Babb, Sarath K. Menon et al.
      Pages 71-79
    5. Yong Chae Lim, Samuel Sanderson, Murray Mahoney, Dongxiao Qiao, Yanli Wang, Wei Zhang et al.
      Pages 81-90
    6. Itto Sugimoto, Akihiro Sato, Seung Hwan C. Park, Satoshi Hirano, Shinya Imano, Yutaka S. Sato et al.
      Pages 101-106
    7. Michael Eff, Brian Thompson, Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, Todd Leonhardt
      Pages 107-116
    8. Ana I. Álvarez, Victor Cid, Gloria Pena, Jose Sotelo, David Verdera
      Pages 117-126
    9. B. W. Baker, L. N. Brewer, E. S. K. Menon, T. R. McNelley, B. El-Dasher, S. Torres et al.
      Pages 127-138
  4. Friction Stir Welding: High Temperature Materials — II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 139-139
    2. N. Buhl, G. Wagner, D. Eifler, M. Gutensohn, F. Zillekens
      Pages 141-149
  5. Friction Stir Welding: Light Materials — I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 161-161
    2. Md. Reza-E-Rabby, Wei Tang, Anthony Reynolds
      Pages 163-171
    3. Timothy Johnson, Todd Curtis, Bharat Jasthi, Eric East, Christian Widener, Michael West
      Pages 173-182
    4. Sarah F. Jurak, Dwight Burford, Michael McCoy
      Pages 183-193
    5. Egoitz Aldanondo, Ekaitz Arruti, Pedro Alvarez, Alberto Echeverria
      Pages 195-203
    6. Christian A. Widener, John Franklin, Bharat K. Jasthi, Michael K. West
      Pages 205-213
    7. Bharat K. Jasthi, Erik Klinckman, Todd Curtis, Christian Widener, Michael West, Robert B. Ruokolainen et al.
      Pages 225-234
  6. Friction Stir Welding: Light Materials — II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 235-235
    2. S. P. Madavan, Manas Mohan Mahapatra, Pradeep Kumar
      Pages 237-244
    3. S. Das, R. S. Mishra, K. J. Doherty, K. C. Cho, B. Davis, R. DeLorme
      Pages 245-252
    4. S. Palanivel, R. S. Mishra, B. Davis, R. DeLorme, K. J. Doherty, K. C. Cho
      Pages 253-261
    5. Uceu Suhuddin, Vanessa Fischer, Jorge F. dos Santos
      Pages 263-270
  7. Friction Stir Welding and Processing: Modeling and Controls

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 277-277
    2. Dustin Marshall, Carl Sorensen
      Pages 289-299
    3. Kenneth Ross, Carl Sorensen
      Pages 301-310
    4. Enkhsaikhan Boldsaikhan, Michael McCoy
      Pages 311-320
    5. Kenneth Ross, Carl Sorensen
      Pages 321-328
    6. C. Hamilton, M. Kopyściański, O. Senkov, S. Dymek
      Pages 329-338
    7. X. Li, W. Tang, A. P. Reynolds
      Pages 339-347
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 359-362

About this book


This collection focuses on all aspects of science and technology related to friction stir welding and processing.


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  • Murray W. Mahoney
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  • Yutaka Sato
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  • Yuri Hovanski
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  • Ravi Verma
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