Pseudo-Differential Operators: Groups, Geometry and Applications

  • M. W. Wong
  • Hongmei Zhu

Part of the Trends in Mathematics book series (TM)

About this book


This volume consists of papers inspired by the special session on pseudo-differential operators at the 10th ISAAC Congress held at the University of Macau, August 3-8, 2015 and the mini-symposium on pseudo-differential operators in industries and technologies at the 8th ICIAM held at the National Convention Center in Beijing, August 10-14, 2015.

The twelve papers included present cutting-edge trends in pseudo-differential operators and applications from the perspectives of Lie groups (Chapters 1-2), geometry (Chapters 3-5) and applications (Chapters 6-12). Many contributions cover applications in probability, differential equations and time-frequency analysis. A focus on the synergies of pseudo-differential operators with applications, especially real-life applications, enhances understanding of the analysis and the usefulness of these operators.


pseudo-differential operator affine group Heisenberg group curvature ellipticity global projection condition localization operator quaternion Fourier transform time-frequency Langevin equation harmonic oscillator quantum operator wave function integro-differential equation Stockwell transform

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