Immunopathology in Toxicology and Drug Development

Volume 2, Organ Systems

  • George A. Parker

Part of the Molecular and Integrative Toxicology book series (MOLECUL)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Gail Pearse
    Pages 1-35
  3. Tracey L. Papenfuss, Mark F. Cesta
    Pages 37-57
  4. Susan A. Elmore, Schantel A. Bouknight
    Pages 59-79
  5. Christine Frieke Kuper, Marcel V. W. Wijnands, Serge A. L. Zander
    Pages 81-121
  6. Amera K. Remick, Michelle L. Pershing, Tracey L. Papenfuss, Lisa G. Lanigan, Melissa J. Beck, Jonathan D. Toot
    Pages 123-219
  7. Catherine A. Picut
    Pages 221-327
  8. Danielle L. Brown
    Pages 329-417
  9. Melanie A. Greeley
    Pages 419-453
  10. Molly H. Boyle
    Pages 455-477
  11. Catherine A. Picut, Eveline P. C. T. de Rijk, Darlene Dixon
    Pages 479-539
  12. Catherine A. Picut, Darlene Dixon, Eveline P. C. T. de Rijk
    Pages 541-614
  13. Brad Bolon, Jairo Nunes
    Pages 615-648
  14. Thomas J. Rosol, Brent E. Walling
    Pages 649-694
  15. Meg Ferrell Ramos, Leandro Teixeira, Curtis R. Brandt, Diana Auyeung-Kim
    Pages 695-762
  16. Rony Shreberk-Hassidim, Yuval Ramot
    Pages 763-797
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 799-825

About this book


This book provides a fundamental understanding of immunopathology and immunopathologic processes, with particular attention to nonclinical toxicology studies. Chapters provide organ system–based summaries of spontaneous pathology and common responses to xenobiotics. A companion volume, Immunopathology in Toxicology and Drug Development: Volume 1, Immunobiology, Investigative Techniques, and Special Studies, offers an overview of general immunobiology, cells of the immune system, signaling and effector molecules, and immunopathology assays.

These informative and strategic books were created in response to the large segment of drug development that focuses on chronic diseases, many of which involve alterations to the immune system. Therapies that target these diseases commonly involve some form of immunomodulation. As a result, the two volumes of Immunopathology in Toxicology and Drug Development are critical texts for individuals involved in diverse aspects of drug development. Readers will acquire a thorough understanding of immunopathology for detection and accurate interpretation of pathologic effects of xenobiotics on the immune system. 


drug development histogenesis immunomodulation immunopathology xenobiotic exposure

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