Abuse of Dominant Position and Globalization & Protection and Disclosure of Trade Secrets and Know-How

  • Pranvera Këllezi
  • Bruce Kilpatrick
  • Pierre Kobel

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Abuse of Dominant Position and Globalization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Pınar Akman
      Pages 3-26
    3. Gerhard Fussenegger, Florian Schuhmacher, Rainer Tahedl
      Pages 27-44
    4. Pierre M. Sabbadini
      Pages 45-56
    5. Anton Petrov
      Pages 57-81
    6. Mathilde Boudou, Clément Hubert, Thibaut Marcerou, Georges Poulakos, Michaël Vaz d’Almeida, Martina Isola
      Pages 83-107
    7. Marco Hartmann-Rüppel
      Pages 109-119
    8. Takahiko Itoh
      Pages 121-129
    9. Yvonne Goldammer
      Pages 131-147
    10. Alexandr Svetlicinii
      Pages 149-173
    11. Aleksander Stawicki, Bartosz Turno, Tomasz Feliszewski
      Pages 175-185
    12. Manuel Cañadas Bouwen, Julia Suderow
      Pages 187-200
    13. Trine Osen Bergqvist
      Pages 201-212
    14. Denis Cherpillod
      Pages 213-232
    15. Sarah Beeston, Maria Geilmann
      Pages 233-250
    16. Nataliia Ivanytska
      Pages 251-261
    17. Jeremy D. M. Robinson
      Pages 263-287
  3. Protection and Disclosure of Know-How

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 289-289
    2. Henrik Bengtsson
      Pages 291-311
    3. Juliane Messner, Max W. Mosing, Rainer Schultes
      Pages 313-326
    4. Sophie Lens
      Pages 327-364
    5. Felipe Barros Oquendo
      Pages 365-372
    6. Teodora Tsenova
      Pages 373-393
    7. Nizar Lajnef, Elisabeth Logeais, Vanessa Jiménez-Serrania, Guillaume Couet
      Pages 395-424
    8. Thomas Hoeren
      Pages 425-453
    9. Miklós Boronkay
      Pages 455-474
    10. Anna Gardini
      Pages 475-486
    11. Takashi Koyama, Izumi Hayashi
      Pages 487-501
    12. Marianne Decker
      Pages 503-510
    13. Cătălin Grigorescu, Cristina Mihai
      Pages 511-520
    14. Ana María Ruiz Martín
      Pages 521-540
    15. Magnus Tonell
      Pages 541-556
    16. Charlotte Boulay
      Pages 557-576
    17. Vonne Laan, Mariko Kloppenburg
      Pages 577-593
    18. Anton Polikarpov
      Pages 595-603
    19. Michael Browne
      Pages 605-620
    20. Emilio Varanini
      Pages 621-637

About this book


This publication provides an unparalleled comparative analysis of two "hot topics" in the field of antitrust and unfair competition law with regard to a number of key countries.

The first part of the book examines the prohibition of abuse of a dominant position and globalization in relation to two broad questions: first, whether there is consistency between the approaches of different jurisdictions to the notion of abuse, and, second, whether there are too many restrictions on legal rights and business opportunities resulting from the prohibition of abuse of dominance. The international report drafted by Professor Pinar Akman reveals that there are as many similarities as differences between the approaches of the twenty-one jurisdictions studied and presented in this book. This is an invitation to read the excellent international report as well as the reports on specific jurisdictions in order to grasp the variety of arguments and approaches of this antitrust area, which may, on the surface, appear alike. 

The second part gathers contributions on the question of protection and disclosure of trade secrets and know-how from various jurisdictions. The need for adequate protection of trade secrets has increased due to digitalization and the ease with which large volumes of misappropriated information can be reproduced. The comprehensive international report, prepared by Henrik Bengtsson, brings together these reflections by comparing various national positions.

The book also discusses the resolutions passed by the General Assembly of the International League of Competition Law (LIDC) following a debate on each of these topics, and includes proposed solutions and recommendations.


Anticompetitive unilateral conduct Trade secret Unfair competition law IP Intellectual property Dominant position Dominant market position procurement Competition authority Geographical indication

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  • Pranvera Këllezi
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  • Bruce Kilpatrick
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  • Pierre Kobel
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  2. 2.Addleshaw Goddard LLPLondonUnited Kingdom
  3. 3.Kobel Avocat Attorney-at-lawGenevaSwitzerland

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