Microarray Bioprinting Technology

Fundamentals and Practices

  • Moo-Yeal Lee

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Akshata Datar, Dong Woo Lee, Sang Youl Jeon, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 19-51
  3. Parnian Bigdelou, Alexander Roth, Yana Sichkar, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 53-69
  4. Parnian Bigdelou, Alexander Roth, Akshata Datar, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 71-104
  5. Kyeong-Nam Yu, Pranav Joshi, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 105-124
  6. Pranav Joshi, Kyeong-Nam Yu, Emily Serbinowski, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 125-142
  7. Sean Yu, Pranav Joshi, Dong Woo Lee, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 143-160
  8. Alexander Roth, Emily Serbinowski, Moo-Yeal Lee
    Pages 161-175

About this book


This book introduces key fundamentals of microarray bioprinting, including the required chip platforms and associated instruments/devices, experimental protocols for cell printing and biochemical- and cell-based assays, and several example applications. Various bioprinting approaches that allow for the rapid testing of hundreds of different cell culture conditions in combinations on a single chip are discussed in detail. Also covered is high-content, 3D cell-based imaging assays of tissue functions on miniaturized tissue constructs for high-throughput, predictive screening of drug efficacy and toxicity. This is an ideal book for graduate and postgraduate students in the field of biomedical engineering as well as scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.

This book also:

  • Broadens readers’ understanding of the principles of microarray bioprinting, chip platforms and associated instruments/devices, and surface chemistry for micropatterning of cells on the chip platform
  • Covers the latest developments in printing cells in hydrogels and methods of gelation as well as printing other biological samples in aqueous solutions
  • Illustrates the complete process for cell staining and high-content imaging of 3D cells on the chip and predicting human metabolism and toxicology on the chip


Applications of Microarray Bioprinting Assay Miniaturization Cell Printing in Hydrogels Fabrication of Microarray Biochips High-Content Imaging of 3D Cells on Chip Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation Metabolism-Induced Toxicity Assays Microarray Bioprinting Microarray Bioprinting Technology Microarray Spotting Technology Micropillar/Microwell Chip Miniaturized 3D Bioprinting Miniaturized 3D Cell Cultures Printing Biological Samples on Chip Stem Cell Cultures and Toxicity Assays

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