Resistance to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

  • Daniele Focosi

Part of the Resistance to Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapeutics book series (RTACT)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Ewa Marcinkowska, Elżbieta Gocek
    Pages 1-25
  3. Giovanna Mirone, Stefania Perna, Gabriella Marfe
    Pages 27-107
  4. Sara Galimberti, Claudia Baratè, Mario Petrini, Daniele Focosi, Elena Arrigoni, Romano Danesi et al.
    Pages 109-130
  5. Timothy Ferng, Catherine Choy Smith
    Pages 131-145
  6. Francesca Simionato, Carmine Carbone, Giampaolo Tortora, Davide Melisi
    Pages 147-163
  7. Yuhui Huang
    Pages 165-178

About this book


The volume will serve as a primer on tyrosine kinase signaling and its importance in cancer. The volume will first introduce the common denominators of small-molecule and antibody-derived inhibitors, as well as the general phenomenon of resistance. The volume will then detail resistance to the most commonly used classes of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, and will focus specific chapters on resistance to BCR-ABL1, FLT3, angiokinase family members, and ALK inhibitors.


Cancer Cells Inhibitors Kinase Small-Molecular Inhibitors Tyrosine

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