Collaboration Meets Interactive Spaces

  • Craig Anslow
  • Pedro Campos
  • Joaquim Jorge

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. C. Anslow, P. Campos, J. Jorge
    Pages 1-7
  3. Devices and Techniques for Collaboration Through Interactive Surfaces

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. Beryl Plimmer, Ben Brown, James Diprose, Simon Du Preez, Andrew Luxton-Reilly
      Pages 11-32
    3. Yosra Rekik, Radu-Daniel Vatavu, Laurent Grisoni
      Pages 33-46
    4. Maurício Sousa, Daniel Mendes, Daniel Medeiros, Alfredo Ferreira, João Madeiras Pereira, Joaquim Jorge
      Pages 47-73
    5. Ricardo Langner, Ulrich von Zadow, Tom Horak, Annett Mitschick, Raimund Dachselt
      Pages 75-96
    6. Mark Billinghurst, Kunal Gupta, Masai Katsutoshi, Youngho Lee, Gun Lee, Kai Kunze et al.
      Pages 177-199
  4. Case Studies and Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 201-201
    2. Y.-L. Betty Chang, Stacey D. Scott, Mark Hancock
      Pages 203-232
    3. Jakob E. Bardram, Morten Esbensen, Aurélien Tabard
      Pages 233-257
    4. Alexander Nolte, Ross Brown, Craig Anslow, Moritz Wiechers, Artem Polyvyanyy, Thomas Herrmann
      Pages 259-286
    5. Martin Kropp, Judith M. Brown, Craig Anslow, Stevenson Gossage, Magdalena Mateescu, Robert Biddle
      Pages 287-318
    6. Sebastian Döweling, Tarik Tahiri, Jan Riemann, Max Mühlhäuser
      Pages 319-348
    7. Edwin Chan, Craig Anslow, Teddy Seyed, Frank Maurer
      Pages 349-372
    8. Judith M. Brown, Jeff Wilson, Peter Simonyi, Miran Mirza, Robert Biddle
      Pages 391-423
    9. Mirjam Augstein, Thomas Neumayr, Renate Ruckser-Scherb, Sabine Dielacher
      Pages 425-442
    10. Jens Bornschein, Denise Prescher
      Pages 443-461
    11. Alan Dix, Alessio Malizia, Tommaso Turchi, Steve Gill, Gareth Loudon, Richard Morris et al.
      Pages 463-483

About this book


This book explores the technological advances and social interactions between interactive spaces, surfaces and devices, aiming to provide new insights into emerging social protocols that arise from the experimentation and long-term usage of interactive surfaces.

This edited volume brings together researchers from around the world who investigate interactive surfaces and interaction techniques within large displays, wearable devices, software development, security and emergency management. Providing both theory and practical case studies, the authors look at current developments and challenges into 3D visualization, large surfaces, the interplay of mobile phone devices and large displays, wearable systems and head mounted displays (HMD’S), remote proxemics and interactive wall displays and how these can be employed throughout the home and work spaces.

Collaboration Meets Interactive Spaces is both for researchers and industry practitioners, providing readers with a coherent narrative into the current state-of-the-art within interactive surfaces and pervasive display technology, providing necessary tools and techniques as interactive media increasingly permeates everyday contexts.


interactive surfaces pervasive display technology wearable devices Interaction techniques computer supported collaborative work social protocols mobile UX

Editors and affiliations

  • Craig Anslow
    • 1
  • Pedro Campos
    • 2
  • Joaquim Jorge
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceMiddlesex University LondonUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Madeira Interactive Technologies InstituteUniversity of Madeira FunchalPortugal
  3. 3.Department of Computer Science & EngineeringInstituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon LisbonPortugal

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