Strategies to Enhance the Therapeutic Ratio of Radiation as a Cancer Treatment

  • Mitchell S. Anscher
  • Kristoffer Valerie

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Jolinta Y. Lin, Isabel L. Jackson, Zeljko Vujaskovic
    Pages 1-28
  3. Monica M. Olcina, Ryan Kim, Amato J. Giaccia
    Pages 29-42
  4. Annett Linge, Anna Dubrovska, Michael Baumann, Mechthild Krause
    Pages 43-74
  5. Pierre Montay-Gruel, Gael Boivin, Marie-Catherine Vozenin
    Pages 75-108
  6. David V. Fried, Shiva K. Das
    Pages 109-138
  7. Ross B. Mikkelsen, Vasily A. Yakovlev, Christopher S. Rabender, Asim Alam
    Pages 139-158
  8. Chunqing Guo, Timothy Harris, Xiang-Yang Wang
    Pages 159-181
  9. Rebecca J. Boohaker, Bo Xu
    Pages 183-193
  10. Christina Hunter Chapman, Yue Cao, Martha Matuszak, Matt Schipper, Theodore S. Lawrence
    Pages 195-224
  11. Erik A. Bey, Julia C. Meade, Molly A. Silvers, Edward A. Motea, Praveen L. Patidar, Rolf Brekken et al.
    Pages 225-252
  12. Amrita Sule, Kristoffer Valerie
    Pages 289-305

About this book


This volume will describe recent progress and future directions in radiation oncology and biology research, focusing on strategies designed to improve disease control and reduce the risk of long-term adverse effects on patients. As more and more patients are becoming long-term survivors, this strategy will become increasingly important--in radiation oncology and throughout the field of oncology.


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